Dec 29 2011
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Little Big Planet - Can download, but cannot install DLC

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It’s my first post on a forum in my life (so I don’t know if I’m at the right place).

I have a problem with my Little Big Planet 1 game of the year edition.  I cannot install any DLC that I download from LittleBigStore/Playstation Store.

I try the following procedure:

Testing your account
You can test out your settings to make sure Downloadable Content will work for you by downloading the Creator Pack 1, which is free. If this installs and works ok, everything else will too.

I download successfully the Creator Pack 1, but the icon said “Purchased, Waiting to be installed”.

So I went to “my planet”, and at XMB to install the purchase, I see nothing.

Since it's the Game of the year edition, I can see package that I aleady Purchased (Monster Costume Pack for example).

When I click on it, I can see all the content of it.

But when I download the Creator Pack, the screen froze 2 little time, and no content apear (like as new costume or sticker for example).

I try another procedure that I receive from the customer service (delete the game from Game Data Utility, Safe Mode and Restore File System) but it doesn’t seem to work either:

Often, we can correct this issue by deleting Game Data Utility for the games experiencing difficulty. Please follow the instructions below to delete the Game Data Utility for your game:

•Go to the Game icon on the XrossMediaBar™ (XMB™)
•Select Game Data Utility
•Find the game title
•Press triangle, then delete.

After deleting the game data, go into Safe Mode and select option 3 (Restore File System). The information below will assist you in accessing Safe Mode.

Using Safe Mode
Article Link:

After you have troubleshot your PlayStation®3 System, load the disc and install the game data on the system and start the game.

Is there something wrong that I’m doing?

I’m sure it’s something ridiculous lol

Thanks in advance,

From Canada

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Re: Little Big Planet - Can download, but cannot install DLC

Jan 1, 2012

Hi everyone,

Finally the problem was because the DLC is not North America, but USA only.

I thought that the game was compatible with DLC of North America.

So I create a second user in the USA country that can download the DLC.


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Re: Little Big Planet - Can download, but cannot install DLC

Jan 2, 2012

  Hi everybody,

Here’s some information regarded my problem of DLC in Little Big Planet VS Canada

Quick resume :

  • my Game ID of my Little Big Planet 1 (Game of the Year Edition) & 2 (Collector Edition) are starting by BCUS code as mention in the URL
  • I bought the game in Best Buy, in Canada
  • my PlayStation Network account is from Canada
  • It seems that I cannot install DLC using my Canadian account (for example Creator Pack 1)
  • I want to buy more DLC using only 1 account.  So it would be less frustrating and confusion

Here’s more information from Sony related to this question:

“Some developers may not release content that is available in every country in a region. This means that some content released in the United States is not available in Canada, and the same for Canada getting releases that the US does not. It may be possible that the game you purchased was a game that was originally meant to be distributed within the United States, that has country locked downloadable content.”

“Since you are in Canada and are using a game that is region coded for the United States the downloadable content is region locked. If you want to play the downloadable content on your Canadian PlayStation®Network account you will need to purchase a game disc that is region coded for Canada.

"I understand this is frustrating, and I myself would be quite upset about this. Unfortunately that is the only explanation I can currently offer for why it works with a US account and not a Canadian account.”

So I think that the problem is that the DLC associated with BCUS code are locked to USA only, and should not be locked to Canada.

It could be a great improvement:

  • If Game ID BCUS mean USA then
    • the DLC that are locked to Canada should be not available (hidden), since they cannot be installed
  • If Game ID BCUS mean North America then
    • The DLC should be available (unlocked) to Canada, since they should be installed

As mention in the URL

Game ID BCUS should be available to North America.  My question is; is that including Canada?

I think that this should be a short and very great improvement to Little Big Planet Product (1 & 2).

Hope to find a solution better than using 2 PlayStation accounts (1 USA & 1 Canadian) only to manage the DLC for Little Big Planet …

Happy New Year everyone,

A Little Big Planet Fan


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