Jun 24 2013
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Level for LBP Vita: Playable Ocarina of Time (Zelda) v1.0

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Hello everyone,


I built something awesome! Well it's cool, if anything. Considering I am in a Zelda trend right now, I used the unique touch controls of the Vita to create a playable Ocarina of Time from the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Uses either the touchscreen (limited) or the buttons on the Vita (with advanced pitch controls) to play notes. It's not the most advance thing on the planet but hey, I had to keep myself busy to finally get the 1440 minutes of create trophy for this game.

Tonight however there will be more upgrades to it, so stay tuned.


Playable Ocarina of Time (Vita page)


Playable Ocarina

*The "Help?" is a touchable icon in the level which gives control explanations.

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