Apr 21 2013
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Latest Marvel costumes - when is new patch?

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Okay, so I recently purchased the Deadpool and Hawkeye LBP 2 costumes. But it turns out they're not cross-compatible with Karting yet? I'm not sure why this is and I guess it's my own fault for asuming they were compatible, but still it leaves me wondering why Sony hasn't made a patch for them yet? Are they just ignoring it or what?


So yeah, does anyone know when the new costumes will be compatible with LBP Karting? And if not, do you know WHERE I could find out when? I've been looking around the internet and apparently I'm the only person wondering this.




Just an update, I was browsing the Playstation website and found this:


If you go to the 7th comment, a mod clearly states "Whilst LittleBigPlanet Karting owners should see these costumes in their game, when the Costume DLC Game Update is released for that title sometime next month." Uhh apparently he was misinformed?

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Re: Latest Marvel costumes - when is new patch?

Apr 23, 2013

LBPkarting is abit different to code for than LBP2 and LBPV so LBPK takes a bit more time to build costume from scratch. LBPK is built by UFG. LBPV ismade by tasier studios(TS). Since TS originaly mad costume forLBP1 & LBP2 is why cross-buy for LBP2 & LBPV is always pretty quick and inhouse where as LBPK takes a joint effort between TS & UFG. Unless it's LBPK specific like the emergence services pack it could take 2 up to 4 months for LBPK version of DLC to be built and setup.


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Re: Latest Marvel costumes - when is new patch?

Apr 23, 2013

I see. Thanks for the information.

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