Dec 26 2012
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LBPK 1 extra player issue

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In Story Mode, 1 extra Kart/player is always in play.  the Kart does not move but is visible in split screen.  No other controllers are "on".  If I do turn on a 2nd controller then 3 Karts/players are visible in the split screen.  Is this normal?  It's very annoying. 

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Re: LBPK 1 extra player issue

Dec 26, 2012

Do you have a Blu Ray remote by chance?


Blu Ray


If you have something like that, that's what's doing it.  I have one of those and I have to manually turn it off to get the second kart to go away.

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Re: LBPK 1 extra player issue

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Jan 27, 2013

I have the same issue, and I do NOT have Blu-ray remote. I have the digital download version. Do not have this problem when I use my brother's disc version. I, also, deleted all of the karting download and all related data, and reinstalled it. Still have the same problem with the download version. This is my only game that reads  a fantom comtroller, thus an extra kart and the split screen.  


I found the problem in my case to be the Nyko USB port extendermodel (which adds two extra ports , but also acts like the blu-ray remote even when you remove the battery from Nyko infra red remote)  for the PS3 Slim . Now if someone knows how to turn off the Nyko remote feature without removing it from the USB ports, then we can play LBPK without the extra player & split screen and have my extra USB ports, too.








Sony can you help?

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