Sep 06 2013
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LBP content not being recognized in LBP karting

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Recently purchased LBP karting for my family and I see a lot of the previously downloaded dlc for LBP and LBP 2 have downloaded automatically to the new file. The one that has not is the Metal Gear Solid 4 pack that I purchased WAY BACK for LBP 1. The only way I'm able to get those few characters back is spending another $5.99 for a pack that I already purchased. Just to make sure I still had the original file, I fired up LBP 1 and checked to see if I still had the level pack and the costume pack, which I still did (along with the trophy data). I'm very confused. Anyone else had this issue or know of a fix (other than spending the additional $5.99 for all the sarcastic Sackboys and Sackgirls out there -_-)?

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Re: LBP content not being recognized in LBP karting

Sep 10, 2013

no sadly only way to fix is ask for a refund and repurchase if sony doesnt help you that way then you will have go through court legal issues. So far Sony seems tobe giving out refunds to those they feel are honestly trying to repurchase the dlc items. I used the live chat support option here on website and the CS rep was very helpful. Soi recommend the refund/repurchase method with sony support. As long as you are nice to sony about it they should be helpful as they are legally responsible for making sure you get what you paid for. Normaly all sales are final however since this is a case of store malfunction on thier end and a possible case of double dippingon thier part Sony seems happy to fix it. Again i stress use the live chat support option and make sure youhave original transaction number to prove you paid for it :smileyhappy: And make sure you verfify that the refund is for purpose of  repurchasing same content as you are more likey to get it fixed faster if they know your wanting the dlc more than the money.


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