Sep 02 2013
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High Quality Cutscenes and Backgrounds

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I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!


I've been checking out the recent Community Spotlight on the community forum, and enjoying the cool levels out there.  I'm impressed by the cutscenes that people are creating - even the one for the Community Spotlight.  How do you get those crisp, neat fonts for the letters and put them in there?  I've done hours of Internet searching and it appears that the cutscene has to be part of the game and can't be something created ahead on time and added in (unless you want to have link levels joining them and the lag associated with them).  I've also seen some levels where good quality graphics are used for the cutscenes.  Do you have to have a Playstation Eye to get those kind of results?  If I don't have that, do I have to create letters from the materials and shapes in the PopIt and put them in a layer within the game?  What I'm seeing out there looks so much better than that.  It doesn't seem to have layers at all.


I've got the same issue for backgrounds - I put a thin layer in the back and kept getting the "too complicated" warning for the three levels I have so far.  Is there another way to get good-looking results that I haven't found yet?  I admit that as a programmer by trade I am loathe to use anything called "3D glitch" within my levels to improve my backgrounds.  It seems to have some visual artifacts associated with it as well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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