Dec 01 2012
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Freezing Issue...

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I can't help but love LBPK but the problem is that the game always seems to freeze/crash every time I play. I strongly believe that this issue needs to be solved or patched because it's making the game rather unenjoyable. I hated the fact that I was close to finishing off create a track and the game froze two steps before I was going to publish it. It just isn't confined to the creation areas, but it also happens whenever a multiplayer race is going on. Please Sony Computer Entertainment and United Front, I implore you to take care of this issue.


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Re: Freezing Issue...

Dec 1, 2012
If you look there's already a few threads about this issue... Sadly Sony and UFG aren't communicating with the public in this site or any other LBP forum site I frequent so what's going on with the many known issues of LBPK is unknown...
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