Mar 08 2012
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Calling all LBP I need help!

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Hello Sacky-people,

I need help with this 50 unique players played your level trophy I put a lot of time into this level and would really like some people to play it. Sadly I think it has gotten a bit lost in the 6,000,000 other levels out there and I ask the community for assistance. Would you please try my level out it has a mini-boss and an end-stage boss full of Ninja style moves from wall jumping to Ninjastar throwing even a a double jump.

Here is a link to the level on the LBP website of my level.

and the name of the level is. Ninja vs Samurai - Shogun's Defeat!

I would really appreciate the help as I did put a lot into this level and wouldn't mind making some new LBP friends while I am at it. So don't be shy and add me to your friends list and rate my level and comment so I know what to work on (hard to test the level when you have played it so many times).

P.S. I also have a PSVita and can't wait for LBP mobile! as the psp was a little lonley all by my sack-self, thanks again.

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Re: Calling all LBP I need help!

Mar 8, 2012

I was wondering why your level didn't show up in LBP. It's a LBP2 level.

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Re: Calling all LBP I need help!

Sep 26, 2012

I too need a hand toward getting the 50 Unique Players trophy which would platinum the game for me. If you can help, please add my level to your queue and play it when you can:

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Re: Calling all LBP I need help!

Sep 27, 2012
I can help. People were nice enough to help me out when I needed 50 unique players. I'll play them soon. *queued*
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