Feb 25 2013
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Kingdom Hearts on Ps Store

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Sony why don't you guys put every game of Kingdom hearts on the Ps Store like you did with Final Fantasy Games because it's unfair for us the kingdom hearts fans to not play that game on the ps3 or vita and because you wont sell anymore ps2 Don't you think that's an awesome idea? if you did that there would be a lot of people buying this game there a lot a lot of Kingdom hearts fans (including me) are going to love it I guarantee ...please just think about it. :smileyvery-happy:
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Re: Kingdom Hearts on Ps Store

Feb 26, 2013

Well they are missing the Final Fantasy from PS2, they are slow with the PS2 side of things as you can see how long it took them to blog the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Deluxe Triple Platinum Collector's Edition. Final Fantasy X HD (another PS2 title) is suppose to be coming to PS3 n Vita (unless they changed it). I'm sure we'll see more Kingdom Hearts, man they slow.

Need to do better with PS4

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