Jul 07 2012
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Hey,  this probably won't be seen by many people, but whatever.

I remember playing this and all the people here.  RK, GAW, SAW, H8D, Jamaican, SuR, e40, e50, ATC, 7VG, LK, GOD, Hells Army, many others


I remember talking s*** to  Hellabot before i realized he had Muscular Dystrophy  :smileysad:  May he rest in peace and hopefully a cure is found so others will not suffer.


Well I was GAW-Platypus, I was also in RK, e50, and probably some others but I forgot.


If you want to add me on PS3 my ID is x-Platypus


So sad to see this game die, but life goes on.  It's amazing how something as trivial as a video game can cause such emotions in people.
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