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Nov 06 2012
By: KAGEHOSHI- Survivor 2956 posts

My Killzone 4 wishes

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-longer campaign.

-More complex story (look at metal gear solid games)

-Graphical improvements should not be a priority. Story and gameplay first. KZ3 graphics without improvements + 60 frames per second would be better than simply better graphics.

-No more ISA, the ISA should be done with after KZ3. Bring the UCA.

-More high tech scifi weapons, including directed energy weapons, its hundreds of years in the future, having soldiers use regular assault rifles is like having a US soldier use a musket. This goes with getting the UCA involved, the UCA should be more more powerful and have better tech then the ISA. The helghast weapons would remain low tech. Something like explosive ammunition, maybe bullets that track and curve to hit the target for certain guns, extreme fire rate, bullets that tag and mark enemies, realistic lasers (now peew peew Star Wars lasers), rifles firing plasma contained in a bullet shape by electromagnetic fields, and more high tech protective armor that covers more (Sev fidn't even wear armor, W T F). Weapons must havealternate firing modes, just like the original Killzone.

-Show more helghast culture, and tthe common civillians (including women) and their hardships and struggles. I want to see that they aren't all  facless monsters, or Nazi leaders.

-More complex likable characters.

-PLEASE don't make this like a bad holywood action movie like your last game.

-Helghast campain:

If we get a helghast campaign and the UCA are the enemy, Rico should be recruited by them (he's an experienced soldier that dealt with the Helghast many times before). Rico should be a boss, and a madmen with some loyal followers who's willing to resort to terrorism and genocide, and the UCA has lost control of him.

Imagine this, Rico has been in jail for a few years for disobeying orders, and killing Visari. Some UCN government official pulled some strings to get him free, and comes to informs him that he will go free if he helps them with fighting helghast rebels on UCA-occupied Helghan in exchange for his freedom. Rico's anti-helghast racism drives him to extreme war crimes while working with the UCA, including massacring civilians. He goes against the interest of both the UCA and gains the support of many helghast-hating UCA soldiers. Rico will serve as a powerful boss similar to Radec of KZ2 for the helghast to defeat.


-Bigger and more dangerous Helghan animals (like giant bugs). I recently bought Lost Planet 2, the story isn't that engaging, but the campaign is awesome nonetheless. It is very lenghty, and more importantly combines combat with traditional human enemies, and giant monster fights with the native life of the planet. Killzone can do this, but better. Killzone has much superior AI to Lost Planet 2, and has a much more menacing world. Killzone would definetely benefit from having the giant helghan bugs be used as weapons, especially since the nuking at the end of KZ3 seemed to have fried most helghst technology. Imagine giant mantis, wasp, or spider tamed and ridden like vehicle by helghast soldiers after much of their military technology was destroyed. Imagine these massive animals mounted with machine guns

-More BOSS FIGHTS, like Radec.


I have a proposition for a campaign story, not expecting you guys at GG to make it (or to listen to me at all), but it examplifies the kind of story I'm looking for: 

After the defeat of Helghan, and the planet being covered in irradiated petrucite, the UCN sent the UCA to Helghan for supposed peacekeeping. The UCA however, are actually exploiting Helghan for resouces (especially petrucite for weaponry), and the Helghan people are forced to live in horrible conditions as second class citizens on their own planet.The main character will be a member of a Helghast resistance movement that tries to expell their high-tech UCA oppressors out of Helghan, but there would be a sub-plot of struggle between 2 factions of the resistance movement; the former oppressive fascist Helghan Government, and a people's liberation movement. The player should be able to choose which faction he wants to be part of, and also influence which faction comes out on top in the resistance. People have always asked for a Helghast campaign, please give us some form of one

-Variety of lighting color is very important as well. I missed the pink nuclear-ash lighting of KZ2's "Visari Hammer" map.



-More maps, or make ALL maps for ALL modes (maybe not Operations because that could be too challenging to do, but there should be at least 5 maps for Operations). KZ4 should have a great variety in kinds of maps. As many different kinds of environments as possible, and all must be available for Warzone:

   Urban city

   Destroyed and wartorn area

   Desert (I miss KZ2's "Pyrrhus Rise" map)

   Snowy places

   Industrial facilities

   Spaceship (or space station) interior like this [very important]


   military facilities


-I feel bad that I should even have to say this, but faction balancing. I'm tired of being in games of 4 vs 12. At least give us the option to switch side to the faction with the least amount of players or something.

-32 player (or more) warzone. 

-Spawn genades. Camping spawn grenades would be solved by removing the smoke, and restricting the use of spawn grenades from certain distances from the objectives. I was initially glad spawn grenades wouldn't be in KZ3, but after a while I realized it would be better to have them.

-You can keep the TSA's as well if you want, but please give us spawn grenades back (with the tweeks mentioned in the previous point) as well.

-lower bullet damage like KZ2.

-Custom games accessible through server lists. Server lists are not confusing or difficult to navigate through.

-Make all classes balanced, and designed to promote teamwork, and help each other. Classes in battlefield for example; recon (sniper) class doesn't have overpowered weapons and abilities, and has tools to help spot enemies for the team, and even a radio beacon that acts like a spawn grenade. Even a class like a sniper has ways of being tweeked to help his team instead of being an overpowered camper. This may require a complete overhaul of your class system, but you've done this before. 

-MORE WEAPONS. Each class should be able to have 3 UNIQUE primary weapons only available to them. I don't want existing weapons with added silencers.

-Each class should have a large selection of secondary skills to choose from, this way we can customize our characters to suit our playstyle more instead of just using 1 or 2 predefined secondary abilities. 

-Minor weapon customization. 

-Deeper progression system.

-Multiple class abilities to choose from per class. Like at least 4 class abilities to unlock.

-Vehicles that can carry more than one player for transporting squad members, like APCs.

-Ability to maybe use LANDERS / DROPSHIPS as spawn points, like when you capture a TSA, a lander or dropship appears above it, and you spawn from it. Would look much cooler than spawning from nowhere.

-Helghast troop carriers would make great multiplayer vehicles for transporting entire squads (like APC's) , but they shouldn't be made overpowered, which will probably involve taking away the projectile grenades and replacing it with a machine gun.




-The old squad system should be back, with 4 player squads, and with spawning on squad leader. Keep the party system also, but don't call the party system "squads" because thats no what it is.

-SLIDING and COVER in multiplayer. 

-Melee must be 2 hits to kill from the front, not 1. Melee can remain 1 hit kill from the behind.

-Proxy mines should be a class ability again, and not so powerful. 

-Dangerous Helghan animals on multiplayer maps.

-KZ2 style ribbons and medals that unlock in-game features like extra ammo.

-Somene suggested somewhere having a different set of classes for certain game modes. Like classes based on killing ability for Guerrilla Warfare, and classes based on tactics teamwork for Warzone and Operations. I think this would be a great idea that would really add variety. 

-I wish arc towers were used somehow in multiplayer, maybe there should be an objective-based game mode built around them, or an Operations map.

-Overall more options



-Survival mode in the forest or jungle against  giant helghan animals, like giant spiders, or new kinds of bugs.

-Exo mission, and having to fight and take down a giant robot like the MAWLR as the final boss.

-Standard survival mode where you must survive waves of enemy soldiers

-Fighting your way through an extraction point.



-All maps and vehicles available in botzone.

-Co op online and splitscreen in botzone.

-Versus online and split screen in botzone.

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Re: My Killzone 4 wishes

Nov 10, 2012
Like customization,dislike vehicles,more class abilities....add more weapons to kz3's list...matterfact build upon what makes kz3 soo great!!
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