Jul 07 2011
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(JWP) Just Wanna Play is Recruiting

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Just Wanna Play (JWP) is recruiting mature/adult gamers for most platforms (PC, PS3, XBOX 360). Every game genre is represented from racing, RTS, RPG, FPS, TPS, action, fighter, sports, etc.

Have you ever been in a clan where the requirements are to maintain a specific K/D ratio, play a certain amount of hours per day, or other requirements that threatened your membership if you didn't comply? If so, JWP provides just the opposite. We are not only a clan, but a community of mature gamers that share a similar games. We have many active gamers that are either clan or community members.

Give the community a look sometime. Register for community access, apply for clan membership, connect and play video games with other gamers who just want to have fun, or any combination. The community and clan is for gamers who just wanna play and just wanna have fun. Check us out sometime! We hope to see you online soon .

Oh...and GET SOME!! That is all...



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