Jul 17 2012
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steel rain map pack purchased and missing

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please I need help with this and the support center does not help me, they sent me here


I bought the "killzone 3 map pack bundle" three map packs for $9.99US  the problem is I can see only 2 to download the steel rain is simply not there in the download list.


I checked the "purchase history" and the map pack bundle is marked as "purchased" and even the steel rain map pack is aquired as a free gift from free psn plus for 1 month, after the psn crash problem. All this and I can't download it and I bought it.


Please help me with this problem I don't know what else to do, I fear if I pay for it again the error will throw my money into waste and I won't be able to download anyway.


PSN Transaction history - KZ3 map pack bundle.jpg


same account but the steel rain map pack is not purchased... misteriously


PSN store - KZ3 steel rain map pack missing as a purchased item.jpg



The steel rain map pack aquired from the free psn plus for 1 month,same account you can check it with my e-mail


PSN transaction history - PSN plus free KZ3 steel rain map pack.jpg

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