Jul 02 2013
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killzone 3 not working after new harddrive how to fix..

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Hardrive must be readin a speed of 3gb/s not 300mb/s no matter the saize but the speed reading ((drive interface))....
Many guys had put a new hdd on playstation some 500 gb 750gb 1t it dos not matter beacouse after that killxone jus gos into black screen ..all you have to check the hardri interface or the speed of reading on harddrive ...the speed needs to be 3gb/s (3gb per secon) ..some big harddrives even with 16mb cache can only reead 300mb/s.. my was wd 500gb , 8mb cache but only 300mb/s on reading speed . I changed for one 500gb, 8mb cache and is 3gb/s reading speed the game works perfect....but you wanna think doind this because gettin another hardrive will cost you some money , I had the chanse to do this and it workss!.
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