Jul 26 2012
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So, with all the changes made to KZ3

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Did it sell any significantly better than KZ2? What I mean is, GG tried to accomodate a lot of people who have always been negative about KZ, some who only jumped on the KZ wagon with KZ2 and I think listen more to them than the people who actually love and support them & the KZ games. So, in doing so did you sell more far more copies of KZ3 than you did KZ2? Did you have significantly more activity on KZ3 (SP&MP) at it's peak than with KZ2?


Did they buy KZ3 more cause you made Rico short, unintimidating and "likable"? Did they support you cause you CoDfied your MP just a little more? Will they support you cause you made your game easy even on supposedly more challenging game settings? Will they support you cause you made the final battle an easy on rails shooter instead of the challenge present in KZ1&2?


I say all this to say - stop trying to lure in people who never cared about your work over those that supported your vision and hardwork. The bandwagoners will always jump on when they see others showing dedication to your work regardless of whatever negativity it's shown. Stay true to your vision and work and people will follow. Show dedication to your supporters first before looking to please others and you won't end up like Zipper who completely forgot about their fanbase w/ the loyalty and support given to them over trying to lure in the COD crowd & huge $$. This brings in an atmosphere of culture than shows no leadership in their product, no true conviction in art & production direction and ultimately the product ends up a mess.


Please, dont' be a Zipper. For KZ4, bring us what made us love the Killzone universe in KZ1&2.

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