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As it is very likely that Guerrilla games is already hard at work on Killzone 3, now is an excellent time to post and discuss possible changes, upgrades and additions to Killzone 3. It is rumored that this next game could be launching as soon as fall of this year (2010), and it is important that we give our feedback to Guerrilla early so they still have time to implement the best ideas in the game.


The purpose of this thread is to create a readable, complete and well thought-out list of wishes and requests for Killzone 3, so that Seb and Guerrilla will be able to get an easy overview of what Killzone fans want in the next iteration.


This post will be continually updated and revised as more ideas are added. All posted ideas are up for discussion, and anything that the community as a whole decides would be impossible (1000 player matches) or against the greater good of the game (all enemies bleed confetti and flowers) will be redacted. I will of course give full credit to any and all posters for their ideas. Please understand that I will make changes for spelling, grammar and the like.


All posts will be sorted and organized as they are added. An Idea will be added to the OP as soon as a second community member posts thier agreement ("seconds"). Please re-submit any previous ideas, I don't want go looking and take a quote out of context. All feedback is appreciated, as this thread is meant to eventually represent OUR opinion as a community, I will do whatever is necessary to make it so. In brackets below each item is listed the number of positve and negative votes. The color represents the sum of votes, 10+5+ 0+ 0, 0- 5- 10- and below.Please vote an any item which you feel strongly about!





  • The XP system should be upgraded to encourage primary and secondary objectives, such as delivering the propaganda speaker or defusing set charges. (9 votes up: thebadnews, juanpipe, Ven_GencE999, PSjoh, Heckler82, SlaughterMeister, Johnbegood, Gunwing, Dark_Lord_null. 0 votes down: )

  • Revamp the leveling system. (I'm not sure what this should entail, give me some more detail) ( 2 votes up: frankymv, gR1m_r3apr. 0 votes down: )

  • XP should be awarded for aiding another player (i.e... The team) to complete objectives; for instance a kill made within a certain distance of the assassination target. (6 votes up: thebadnews, juanpipe, Kreamz28, PSjoh, Ven_GencE999, SlaughterMeister, Gunwing, Dark_Lord_null. 1 votes down: Johnbegood) 

  • Kill assist and saviour XP bonuses. These would reward players for working together to defeat enemies. (2 votes up: CHUMA_09, Gunwing. 0 votes down: )


Vehicles (Limited to large outdoor enviroments)

  • Troop transport vehicles. Add lightly armoured armored vehicles design for easy movement around the map. These would only be applied to larger outdoor environments. (9 votes up: commanderlewis, psjoh, thebadnews, heckler82, CHUMA_09, Hungry_Xenomorph, juanpipe, JoeDuke4, CHUMA_09, gR1m_r3apr. 1 votes down: Dark_Lord_Null )

  • Heavy armour vehicles like tanks. For intense ground combat, tanks and other offensive vehicles would add a new layer of gameplay to the Warzone.
    (5 votes up: commanderlewis, psjoh, CHUMA_09, Hungry_Xenomorph, juanpipe, JoeDuke4, CHUMA_09. 2 votes down: thebadnews, Dark_Lord_Null )



  • Helghast machine pistol as a sidearm. (3 votes up: JoeDuke4, CHUMA_09, Gunwing. 0 votes down: )

  • Add functioning Bipods to LMG's to increase accuracy at the cost of mobility. (2 votes up: Gunwing, CHUMA_09. 0 votes down: )


  • Increase the overall number of weapons available, with multiple versions of the same type of gun.  (1 votes up: Insomnia37. 0 votes down: )
  • Increase the number of grenade types available in Multiplayer. Suggestions include acid, tesla, smoke and so on. ( 1 votes up: CHUMA_09. 0 votes down: )


  • Add the ability to switch between fire modes such as 3-round burst, single fire, and full automatic. ( 2 vote up: zephyrdood, thebadnews. 0 votes down: )


Turrets and Sentry Bots

  • Ability to limit the number of Turrets and Sentry Bots placed/called in in small matches. These bots should never outnumber human players.
    (4 votes up: Dkramer, thebadnews, SlaughterMeister, Johnbegood, Dark_Lord_Null. 0 votes down: )


  • Areas where a player can help boost another player up, as seen in the Killzone 2 campaign. This would help reward team play by allowing access to new routes and areas. (5 votes up: Gunwing, thebadnews, SlaughterMeister, juanpipe, Dark_Lord_Null. 1 votes down: Johnbegood)

  • Varied enivroments. While many options exist, snow-based and jungle-based levels are requested most frequently (8 votes up: napkin, heckler 82, anidais, PSjoh, SlaughterMeister, Johnbegood, Hungry_Xenomorph, juanpipe, Dark_Lord_Null . 0 votes down: )

  • More interactive or destructible objects such as explosive barrels. Using the environment to kill people is fun, and helps make the map feel more interactive.
    (7 votes up: Gunwing, thebadnews, PSjoh, SlaughterMeister, Johnbegood, juanpipe, gR1m_r3apr, Dark_Lord_Null. 0 votes down: )



  • Prone. Allow players to line down flat to decrease visibility and increase accuracy. ( 1 votes up: gR1m_r3apr. 1 votes down: thebadnews )

  • Context sensitive vault button, to easily manoeuvre over obstacles ( 1 votes up: gR1m_r3apr. 0 votes down:  )



  • Crawl after being downed. This would allow players who have been mortally wounded to crawl to safety. (3 votes up: JoeDuke4, thebadnews, PSjoh. 0 votes down: )



  • Many more badges per class. There should be around 10 - 15 skills to be unlocked for EACH class. (1 vote up: Kreamz28. 2 votes down: thebadnews, Dark_Lord_Null.)

  • Each class has a choice between two different secondary badges. (4 votes up: thebadnews, PSjoh, Hungry_Xenomorph, juanpipe. 0 votes down: )

  • Upgradeable badges. Instead of just giving the player a secondary ability that could then be put on any class, abilities themselves should also upgrade.  For example using the primary ability a certain amount of times unlocks the secondary, but if the player continues to use the primary ability he/she then unlocks a more upgraded primary/secondary ability. Every ability would have one or more upgrades. An example would be an extra c4, longer/better disguise...
    (3 votes up: KingDustero, thebadnews,  juanpipe, Dark_Lord_Null. 0 votes down: )

  • Class-Neutral Badges. A set of badges that are not affiliated with any one Primary Badge
    (1 vote up: Kreamz28. 1 votes down: Dark_Lord_Null)

  • Class-Unique Killstreak rewards (1 vote up: Insomnia37. 1 votes down: CHUMA_09 )

Planting a Charge

  • Insted of holding a button for a few seconds, Integrate the D-Charge minigame from Killzone 2. It makes sense to have several D charges rather than just hold down a button and watch a progress bar fill up. As a bonus, multiple D-Charges would encourage team play. (4 votes up: Gunwing, thebadnews, SlaughterMeister, Dark_Lord_Null. 1 votes down: Johnbegood)

Tacticians and Spawn Points

  • A tag above friendly spawns to see who placed that spawn point. This tag should not be distracting, and only be visible for allied spawns.
    (4 votes up: Dkramer, thebadnews, SlaughterMeister, Dark_Lord_Null(!!). 1 votes down: PSjoh)
  • Increased focus on squads in multiplayer. (This thought needs to be expanded upon) (1 votes up: JoeDuke4. 0 votes down: )


Teams and Players

  • Add a Party system, so that friends can group together before entering a match. This will help friends find and join games appropriate for all players. (7 votes up: Gunwing, heckler82, PSjoh, SlaughterMeister, Johnbegood, halowars7, JoeDuke4, Hungry_Xenomorph JoeDuke4, juanpipe. 0 votes down: )

  • Increase the max player count. This is very important if adding any sort of vehicles. (9 votes up: Gunwing, thebadnews, PSjoh, Kreamz28, halowars7, juanpipe, gR1m_r3aPr, CHUMA_09, Dark_Lord_Null. 3 votes down: HarveyX, Hungry_Xenomorph, JoeDuke4 )

  • Add a 'Team Scrambler'. If a team loses a match by more than a certain threshold,new teams are assigned to rebalance the game. This could happen automatically based on a setting chosen by the game creator, or could give players a prompt to vote yes or no to new teams. (7 votes up: Dkramer, thebadnews, PSjoh, SlaughterMeister, Johnbegood, halowars7, Dark_Lord_Null. 0 votes down: )

  • Split-screen online for two players. So that multiple players can play online together on the same Playstation 3. (3 votes up: JoeDuke4, thebadnews, IrishPete333. 0 votes down: )

  • Add team total scores to the in-game and postgame leaderboards. This would help players compare teams in different areas, for instance which team gets more kills vs more mission points etc. (4 votes up: DreMan04, thebadnews, halowars7, Dark_Lord_Null. 0 votes down: )




  • Add more modes to the existing warzone, or add a second set of gametypes and make a whole new online game name. (2 votes up JoeDuke4, thebadnews. 0 votes down: )



  • Customization for appearance (for both factions). Default skin is given, but then you add class specific things to put on. (7 votes up: heckler82, Kreamz28, anidais, thebadnews, JoeDuke4, juanpipe, Dark_Lord_Null. 3 votes down: PSjoh, Johnbegood, halowars7. )

  • Visual, Limited customization of weapons. New scopes or potetially paint jobs are ok, but nothing that funamentally changes the gun such as  mounted grenade launchers or thermal sensors. (3 votes up: Kreamz28, slaughtermeister, thakidlg. 3 votes down: Johnbegood, halowars7, Dark_Lord_Null. )

  • Deep Customization of weapons, for instance added scopes or silencers. This option includes game-changing additions like undermounted secondary fire. (3 votes up: Kreamz28, Thakidlg, Insomnia37. 4 votes down: thebadnews, PSjoh,  Johnbegood, halowars7, CHUMA_09, Dark_Lord_Null. )


  •  A cooperative mode for two (or more?) players is an oft-requested feature, and could be integrated as split-screen or online. (10 votes up: napkin, johnbegood, anidais, PSjoh, SlaughterMeister, JoeDuke4, Johnbegood, juanpipe, franky mv, IrishPete333.0 votes down: )

  • CO-OP should not be forced into the main singleplayer story, but instead be added as a separate campaign or mode. (5 votes up: anidais, napkin, PSjoh, Johnbegood, joeduke. 3 votes down: SlaughterMeister, thebadnews, Dark_Lord_Null )
  • CO-OP arena defence/survival mode separate form other modes. This would probably be online 4 player CO-OP, where players defend an area against increasingly difficult waves of Helghast or ISA. ( 3 votes up: SlaughterMeister, Kreamz28, IrishPete333. 0 votes down: )


  • Fully customizable controls. The pre-set control schemes in Killzone 2 were fairly limiting, this feature would allow each action to be mapped to any button.
    (3 votes up: orca8767, Slaughtermeister, DreMan04, MarvelMan33. 0 votes down: )



  • Improve quality of written dialogue and voice acting. It's time to bring the voices and dialouge up to the same level as the graphics. (9 votes up: Anidais, JoeDuke4, thebadnews, Slaughtermeister (!!), Johnbegood, juanpipe, jhail3, CHUMA_09, Dark_Lord_Null. 0 votes down: )

  • Diversify accents and backgrouds for ISA soldiers. The ISA in Killzone 2 all seemed to have the same, generic 'North American' english accent, which does not fit in with the Killzone lore.
    (3 votes up: JoeDuke4, thebadnews,  juanpipe, CHUMA_09, . 1 votes down: johnbegood, ClinToN. )
  • Increased depth of the ISA storyline, potentially with a greater focus on politics within the ISA and other special forces units. ( 1 votes up: ClinToN. 0 votes down: )

Back from Killzone 1

  • Bring back the dogs, an iconic symbol of the Helghast. This addition is suggested only for the campaign, not Multiplayer!
    (5 votes up: JoeDuke4, heckler82, PSjoh, SlaughterMeister, Johnbegood. 0 votes down: )
  • Bring the Spiders back.
    (1 votes up: Heckler82. 1 votes down: Johnbegood. )
  • Ability to pick up/interact with props such as tin cans and other miscellaneous set dressing. (1 votes up: MrCrAzyFAcE. 1 votes down: Slaughtermeister. )
  • Low-level stealth mechanics as seen in Uncharted 2. (1 votes up: MrCrAzyFAcE. 1 votes down: Slaughtermeister. )
Keep from Killzone 2
  • Kill chime sound effect. (Everybody loves this, right?)




Currently adding... Vehicles, further XP changes.


let me know if I missed a vote or idea, there are lots!

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Jan 2, 2010

I will start by adding what I think is the most commonly asked for/easiest specific upgrade to be made: the Multiplayer XP system



In Killzone 2, the XP rewards for performing such mission specific tasks as: planting or defusing a charge, defending the assassination target, etc. Were often not enough to justify putting yourself in harms way to complete them.


  1. The XP system should be upgraded to encourage primary and secondary objectives, such as delivering the propaganda speaker or defusing set charges.


This first part is very simple, but I want to know what the community thinks of the following:


2. An XP bonus could potentially be awarded for defending the assassination target, carrying the propaganda speaker forward toward the goal, killing people who could have captured a friendly zone.


Please, post your response or revisions to these ideas (whether these should be added to the OP) and of course, your own specific changes for Killzone 3!

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Jan 2, 2010

I like your idea of extra XP for participating in missons, I feel that I'm not properly rewarded when I help my team to obtain victory (for example, in Assassination, only the target receives a bonus if he survives). But it would need serious tweaking, because anyone would be able to obtain XP without any real experience.


I'd say yes to put this idea in the OP, with the condition of having it properly included, not just added.

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Jan 3, 2010

1. Atleast 1-2 levels that have bright/sunny grass-like areas just to see what that kind of level would look like with the KZ2 engine, snow levels, maybe even like a level where torando's around or something because of the crazy weather etc. stuff like that, like how Uncharted 2 has lots of different weather-based levels.


2. 2 player online co-op, preferably a seperate 4-6 hour campaign with it's own trophies. If the seperate campaign isn't possible then just atleast a few levels that you can play online co-op with someone else. Don't re-balance the normal SP levels to accomodate co-op though or make the whole game co-op capable like Resident Evil 5 or something, make the SP for 1 person only, but change some things to make co-op possible, like in Uncharted 2 some of the things from the original levels are changed and added/taken out so it can be co-op capable.



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Jan 3, 2010

I want some things from Killzone's(ps2) campaign to return in Killzone 3.


-Secondary fire

-Switching between characters

-Open up the levels a little bit more

-Each Character having special abilities(Luger - sniper;fast;weak. Rico -Heavy weapon expert;Strong;slow. ETC. GG knows what I'm talking about)

-Please bring back some class helghast quotes. Have it as an unlockable just for fun.


In addition to those, I would like to see a customizable weapon feature. Look at Army of Two:40th Day for example. Excluding the "blinged out" weapons, a similar feature in Killzone 3 would keep the campaign even more fresh after completing it. You could narrow down the parts that can be used based on what character the player is using(Heavy;sniper;etc.).


I would like to see the animation system from Killzone 2 upgraded beyond what it's already doing(no other fps is touching it still). I want to be able to knee cap a Hig. Have him crawl with his back against the wall shooting with a pistol or having him struggle to get up as I fill his back or chest up with bullets. The sniper should keep it's one hit kill if you shoot them in the chest or head but if I shoot a leg or arm, I want them to live with the expected behavior from taking that shot.


Unlockables that would affect how we play the game would also be great.



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Jan 3, 2010

1. A numbered Leveling system

2. The ability to use knife in multiplayer

3. More weapons

4. I hope they do something about the Rocket Lauchers

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Jan 3, 2010

1. I would like a longer leveling up period, something in between 10,000 and 100,000 xp would be nice.


2. Classes that are more customizable.  I would like every class to be able to use every gun.  I'm not thinking of something like COD though, what if each class were able to unlock each gun at different points?  Imagine that once you have every class you have every gun, but you could unlock each gun separately for each class.  The rifleman class would be the easiest to unlock guns for, but the assault class would take a lot longer to get all the guns for.  It would take 100,000 points to unlock the shotty for the assault class. Each class could unlock the guns in a different order too.


3. Co-op would be cool if GG could get it to work without compromising the graphics and frame rate.


4. Puting water in the game would be awesome.


5. Don't make another giant leap like they did from KZ1 to KZ2. I'm fine with GG doing the same thing that IW did with COD4 to

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Jan 3, 2010

- I personally like how Bad Company 2 handled their rank/unlock system. You didnt just unlock weapons as you went, you had to play as that class to get em. So if I am playing as an engineer, I shouldnt unlock an assault rifle since that is for the riflemen class. On that note, if they do it like this, there should be at least 3 - 4 of every type of weapon, save for rocket launchers, 2 of those is good enough, unless you wanna throw the original Helghast one in as a third?


- It wasnt that big a deal to me, but the ranks could use a little more distance from each other. Maybe even have it so that you can't rank up without doing specific things. I think it was BF:Modern Combat that made it so you needed certain medals to rank up


- More open maps, for some serious sniping, and much more breathing room for those 32 player matches. 32 players is great, but there was no where near enough room for it


- As was stated, more points for objective based things. I dont need to be rewarded for every little thing(like sticking C4 on someone, Im not being a bully here, but I do think that that is over doing it), but for helping the team, you betcha


- Create-a-skin. Now this is most likely not to be implemented, but I think that you should get the default skin for a class, but also be able to make your own. Sort of like a SOCOM thing. They give you a base skin, but then give you class specific things to put on. Snipers could get a futuristic ghillie(or maybe ghillie's will never change that much), but I think it would be kind of retarded for say snipers to get assault gear, those should go to rifleman


- Maybe to give a little variation, Each class could have to sub functions...Im thinking Battlefield 2142 here. For instance snipers could have one tree be the basic long range attack unit, or a more specialized spec ops unit with gear tailored towards someone who works alone or with a small group, or maybe even some spotting gear to assist snipers, great way for assist points(spot em and shoot em). Rifleman could absorb the medic/tactician classes. Saboteur could be the normal disguise with the other specialization being no disuise, but an ability to deploy gadgets(destroyable of course) that screw up enemy radar and turrets...sort of like a flying bot only make it higher so its not as easy to kill. Engineer could have one function be the ability to fix things(and also take over enemy turrets), while the other focuses on a more anti-vehicle role. Assault should keep the nade launcher, but lose the speed boost, but keep armor(yes keep armor). It should be strictly anti infantry, but get the LMG's as well(maybe take away armor Smiley Very Happy), or maybe an SMG


- If I didn't already give it away, I said earlier, bigger maps and anti vehicle infantry, that leads to vehicles. Just land based, no reason to go all out with air vehicles...well maybe a jetbike


-  For a non gameplay-related thing...On your server stuff, make it so that we can still choose our own game, but for those who would rather be lazy(Smiley Tongue) put in a small party thing for em. Lets make everyone happy


- While we are making people happy, put a tutorial mission in place(boot camp or something) that lets you set controls, sensitivity, deadzone, etc...just so we avoid a lot of nasties


- You guys had it right with those little mini games in Liberation. Put some of those in...yeah those


- Bring back the spider mines and the dawgz(we already had exploding electric spiders in KZ2, just make em metal this time Smiley Very Happy)


- Give us some maps in the wild. Like some Vektan jungles or just a place without buildings...trains dont count


- Keep the in game music


- HAKHA! How can it be Killzone without Hakha? He even had at least a cameo in Liberation...Screw retirement he just got called back in ...and Luger too...she was awesome with her little SMG and crossbow


That's all I can think of for now

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Jan 3, 2010

Here are my thoughts for Single player ideas from my thread a while back: I'll highlight the important ideas for easier reading..:



I know lots of people would love to play as a Helghast, and i thought of an awesome scenario where we can still be Sev, AND play as a Helghast. I think you know what I'm getting at haha. A Star Wars inspired scene, where your squad disguises as the Helghast and sneak into an enemy base or something... or escape from an enemy base. I just think that would be awesome for a story scenario and have some tense gameplay.


It could also expand the story, say by showing how the Helghast brainwash their soldiers before battle. Or showing a different side of the enemy, the Hitler-youth type infantry. Say the Helghast are starting to force teens into battle, and show their fear and human side. I think it would add alot to the story and believability to the world.


That kind of brings me to another story additions that many would like to see. Civilians. There should be both sides of the spectrum, like other wars throughout history. Innocent civilians, that are against the Dictatorship and maybe form a secret resistance; the "enemies at home". Maybe you meet up with them, and have to earn their trust and fight along side with them. And the other side of the civilians, the ones who are brainwashed completely and fight for their fatherland to death. It just would be really interesting to see how the people of Helghan are affected. And, yes, woman helghasts would be introduced, haha. Maybe Hakha would join you or you meet some of his family.


Maybe for some setpieces, be able to take the jetbike maybe to escape from the aforementioned enemy base. They were so sweet.

Some of the extremes geography of Helghan would be awesome too, like toxic snow on the caps, or forests with the resistance fighters.


Also, maybe we should travel back to earth or back to Vekta for part of the story.


I would also like to see more believable conversation, and realism to the dialouge of the soldiers and people. Saving Private Ryan is a great example of realistic dialouge for a war film. There are quiet parts where they just talk naturally, like in the  church, and i think the story and feel and characters would benefit from that. We get more insight into what these characters are experiancing now, and how they lived before the war. Personally, i think they should try to avoid the space marine cliches and focus more on being a believeable world with real people that talk real, with less michael bay action like MW2 and more on drama and real characters in extraordinary action like Saving Private Ryan. Less meaningless f-words would also be appreciated.


That also brings me to another thought about Sev. The very first scene of KZ2 was him hearing war sounds. You should expand that, and have it so that he has these recurring nightmares. Shellshock would be an intersting theme to tackle. Maybe after a quiet part of talking the squad falls aspleep, and a playable nightmare scene takes place, where you keep reliving Garza's death or something, or everyone on your squad is getting massacred, and then your mortally wounded and a helghast walks right up to your and shoots you in the head and you walk up to an actual firefight. I think this would really add to Sev's character.


Some other SP ideas that i want to make a comeback, is the amazing knife animations, like the neck slice stealth one and the crazy knife throw. They were amazing, but have them done on the fly and add more animations. Like press R1 and if you are behind them then it does the neck slice, and if you are slicing away like Killzone 2 then it randomly does that amazing animation for the knife throw. Those animations just have to make a comeback.


Also the Heghast attack dogs also need to make a comeback. They were so cool and the concept art for them is rad. Imagine your in a big firefight, and then you hear like 4 dogs viciously barking in the distance, and then 2 Helghasts in the trench coats each with 2 huge dogs release them and they bolt straight for you and your men. Those hairless genetically modified dogs with body armour and mechanically reenforced jaw. That would be amazing in first person. The animations for that should be taken from police dog training helmet cams, where the dogs grabs onto the guys arms or legs and you have to switch to your sidearm or knife and take them out if they get close enough to bight you. I think that would be amazing. So, make the Helghast K-9 unit return!


Another idea i would like to see is the onset of a harsh Helghan winter, like Stalingrad. Tense urban fighting in a destroyed Helghan city probably Konstantine City, with helghan civilians, with tons of snow. Not have the whole game based off this but a section of the game, maybe fighting with the Rebels.


Strive to be a more cinematic game, like Uncharted. Where they tackle the pulp action adventure genre, Guerilla should really try to capture that real and serious war movie feel like Saving Private Ryan. The cinematics in kz2 were good but you shold try to improve them and have more to really keep the player invested. Maybe use the same technique of Uncharted, where you capture the voices and mocap together to get a more real feel and natural dialogue from the actors.


Also try to bring in that excellent history into the experiance. The overarching history is amazing and needs to be interwoven into the personal story of Sev. I don't know exactly how, but it definately needs to be highlighted.


Another thought to improve SP is to try to make it seamless like Uncharted 2, where you use the cinematics which are just recordings of the game engine to hide load times, so that you don't pull the player out of the experiance for a lengthy load time before and after cutscenes and location switches. It would make the whole experiance more smooth and would never give the player a reason to stop playing.


These are just some ideas for single player for KZ3, which I know will be amazing. I will make another post soon about Mulitplayer suggestions. Keep up the great work Guerilla.

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Jan 3, 2010

say joe, though I found a few of your ideas, interesting, it sounds like you want a more RPG killzone verses an FPS. What you described sort of sounds like fallout mixed with AC. with all that you mentioned, between civilians being a part and secret resistance fighters and brainwashed higs( which i will never agree with you on that, I think the isa are the bad guys here, but i digress), the campaign sounds to last 20 or 30 hours, WAY too long for an fps.


but to your credit you do have some good things to expand the kz universe.

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