Nov 11 2012
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Idea's for New added modes for Killzone 4!

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I have been a fan of this franchise since the first launch of Killzone on PS2. When Killzone 2 came out it blew me away and when Killzone 3 came out, it gave me chills down my spine with the Brutal Melee attacks. I love playing through the campaigns and the multiplayer was very fun as well. However, despite the MP being fun but after awhile it starts to show the potential of being something more. I would like to share my ideas with Guerilla Games and the community. I wanted to put my two cents on how to make the MP enriched. To not only give gamers and customers a full package to be proud of but giving them something that they never forget.

Idea 1. Sniper Zone: what is the one thing that most gamers find very annoying? Snipers! Sniping has always been a fixation among certain gamers. Some do it for the skill and some do it because they want to be mean lol. So why not have a mode with special designed maps for players to snipe each other. Mode types could be last man standing or team death match but with sniping only.

Idea 2. Aerial Battle Zone: I always see modes in other games like BF3 for example with Conquest or Rush thats land combat based. But I never seen a mode in any shooter, that has navy or in this case space ship battles. I would love to see a mode where you have team Helghast playing against team ISA on each of their ships. You got the ISA ship and Helghast ship with twelve players or more on each ship. Manning guns and cannons firing at each other. Plus you would have aerial defense on each side. Which ever team has the most damage on the main ship, looses the first round. Remember this is all in real time, so no cut scenes. After the first round is completed, then the team that won the first round has to board the enemy ship. To capture the commanding officer for interrogation and the other teams has to defend their commanding officer. In round three if the teams commanding officer had been captured. The team can try to redeem them selves by getting him back.

Idea 3 Aerial Zone: Since I covered the Aerial Battle Zone, I felt like there should be another aerial mode. Where two teams are playing against each other in a aerial fight. Every player gets their own fighter ship and just shoots at each other in orbit or even in space. Team Death matches, Squad Death Match or even mercenary style (every man for himself).

Idea 4 Mech Zone: You love Mechs? Well here you go Mech your hearts out.

Idea 5 Time Bomb Zone: No, not a bomb that needs to be defuse but every player on both teams has a time bomb attached to their chest. If you don't move within 5-7 seconds, you'll explode and re-spawn. This would cut down on camping and promote fast game play.

Idea 6 All out Battle Zone: This mode would be made for two or four special made maps and big maps. You would have mechs, aerial ships, tanks and land troops for combat. Not sure how many players would fit this one but if the map would be large enough. Go to 48-64 players but if not then 24-36 players I would accept. You could have War Zone objectives or operation style objectives. Just make sure it balanced.

Idea 7 Co-zone: Online coop would be fantastic. Whether its on the campaign, which would be a great feature and I talk about that in another forum. Or if its like mission challenges.

Conclusion: I would have added this to Killzone's website but for some reason there are errors. So I decided to start here on PS community forums. I do hope you enjoyed reading my enthusiasm for Killzone and its the one franchise I care for the most. More then any other shooter out there. It still has the potential.
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