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Re: Killzone 2 Multiplayer Etiquette *Please Read*

Mar 4, 2009

TheGreat_1 wrote:

Now we all know this is an issue in a lot of MP games, so I decided to write this guide to educate those to who this is not common sense to, or to remind you. Especially since KZ2 is heavily based on teamwork.

***NOTICE: I do realize these issues will be an issue whether this guide exists or not. So please DO NOT bash just for the excuse to bash, if it helps one person then I am satisfied.***

Please DO NOT do the following:


1. Blast music/surround sound to where you cannot hear your teammates.

          - If you want to listen to loud music or surround sound, please turn off your mic. If you want the best of both worlds, there are headphones with a mic attached available to purchase out there. There's even surround sound headphones with a mic built in, so you could have the experience of very loud sound with a mic without bothering anybody. (Future place for link for surround sound headphones)


2. Over-use voice change.

          - If you want to change your voice a little this is fine, but we do not need a bunch of Barry Whites or Alvin the chipmunks bleeding through our mics.


3. No prolonged screaming/crying babies in the background.

          - If you cannot avoid this, please wait till you can before you decide to play online, it will just sound akward to be killing people, explosions going off, with the loud sound of crying babies/toddlers in the background. This is directed towards the prolonged crying babies or where the player is the only adult in the house. The occasional fuss or having another adult to attend to the child is not a big issue. If anything else just please shut your mic off and turn it back on when the issue is solved.


4. Complain & give excuse, after excuse...

          - We all have bad games, frustration can be expected, but most of us do not want to hear you complaining and making excuses of why you're getting owned, instead let us know exactly whats going on with a civil tone so we can work as a team to own the guy who is owning you.


5. Using your "Pick up artist" skills.

           - Girls playing are not a dime a dozen, so when you play with a female please be respectful. We do not want to know how well you get your "grind on" and believe it or not, most girls that will be playing KZ2 will not be playing for the sole reason of finding love, so stop lying to yourself. And this is the biggest reason why a lot of girls refuse to play online games.


GG:  For all of the above you will be able to manually select any player and mute them.  Then you will not hear them over proximity or the squad channel.  This can be for any kind of abuse, annoying voice or simply some guy who seems to live in a wind turbine.  We try and filter out as much noise as we can and also try and not activate the mic for any sound, but can't do this 100%.  We also have sound options to tweak around to your liking.


Note: Lack of communication can cost you the game, so lets try to avoid these options and be considerate so we can all have a good time playing!


6. Purposely sabatoge your own team.

          - This pertains to alot of situations, one being if you are having a bad day (We all do) instead of playing out of frustration and play wreckless, try taking a breather and be considerate to the team by simply backing out and getting your head together. Trust me, your team will appreciate this. If you cannot do this at least take a breath or 2 and refrain from playing wreckless and risking the match. --This also includes being selfish, if assassination pops up do not "camp" in a spot not even close to the person you're suppose to be protecting because you do not want to die in the process. --If you know you need to put down the controller soon for some reason, do not join a game to just leave in the middle of it and leave your team hanging. --The most kills does not = automatic win.


GG:  We also have a kick-vote button set up right next to the player mute button for anyone not sticking to the rules.  You can only vote for players on your own team to avoid people kicking the other teams best players.  

You can only cast 1 vote in a certain timeframe and you can undo a vote.   Anyone kicked cannot re-enter that game again.  He is effectively banned.   There has to be a voting majority on one faction to kick a certain player. 

The amount of kicks a player receives is also tallied up in their stats so people can see whether a player would be suitable for their clan or not.  You might not want someone representing your clan that constantly gets kicked from games for being a dirty potty mouth.


Second to that, we also have a 'Report Abuse' option in the game where you can chose from a list of offenses and report to a moderator.  I wont go too deep into the moderation practises and so on here, but they can join as invisible spectators to observe and act upon anything that breaks the End User License Agreement.  They can also join passworded games.


7. Refrain from eating while playing.

          - The sexy sounds of chips being crushed up in your mouth is neither attractive nor something your teammates want to listen to.


GG: Especially if it is not your controller.  Wash your hands after eating pizza please.  Urgh :smileyvery-happy:


8. Have the N word after every sentence.

          - If this is a word that is in your vocab please refrain from using it, it does offend some people and does get annoying hearing it after every sentence.


9. Pick on Noobs excessively.

             - We were all noobs at one point and time, excessively insulting them is not only inappropriate, it's counter-productive, especially if their on your team. So give them advice or help them out, so the MP community stays extra competitive. And also, that "noob" may be on your team again some time in the future


GG: We hope that people will try and stick to ranked matches after experimenting with the system.  This means that people only play with their rank ranges until they become experienced enough to play the big boys while at the same time introducing the 'noob' to the different abilities and weapons in a managable order to learn how to fight with or against them.  So you wont get too many Grunts being taken out needlessly by Sniper fire. 


10. Exploit glitches in ranked matches.

        - Coming across glitches are bound to happen. If you find a glitch, please report it and refrain from using it in ranked matches to get a tactical advantage. It would be even better to not spread the word about it, then report it, and simply not use it. Now if you must and want to have fun with it with friends then please keep it in an unranked match with friends.


11. Abuse the "Report Abuse" option.

                - The more legit we use the report abuse option, the easier it is going to be for the mods to moderate the MP community and cut out all the loose ends. If we abuse this it will make it hard for the mods to do their job and maybe even frustrate them enough to where they either stop responding or respond less.  Just try to use your common sense here, there is no need to report someone for something little. (I.E reporting someone because you simply do not like them.)


12. Using the bathroom equipped with BT/Talking on the phone.

             - It's not too much to ask to have you set your BT down or hit the "mute" button (If you have one) while your using the restroom is it? Also, please use intermissions (Inbetween games) to talk on the phone. Of course if the phone call is important then this is excusable (IMO). If anything, simply hit "mute" on your BT headset or simply remove it from your ear where others cannot hear your conversation (Unless you're playing with friends who you know will not mind).  Even quick conversations on the phone should be ok, just try to refrain from having 15+min conversations. We don't need to hear your I-rate "babies mama" demanding her child support. Or you dropping dueces no matter how impressive.

(Thanks to Dark_Menzon & DisjectaMembra)


 Please DO the following:


1. Use your Mic. (If you do not own a mic, please purchase one )

          - Not sure how others feel on this matter, but IMO...If you have a mic, that is how do I The dreaded echo from the abyss sound, sound famillar? Please shut off your mic, use a different one, make sure it's fully charged, try re-connecting it, or please for gods sake purchase a better one.  I would rather have an allie with no mic than a crappy mic that emits weird loud sounds that sounds like a group of bats during feeding time. (Please feel free to leave your personal opinion on this, if a lot of you do not mind this then I shall remove this portion)


2. Be respectful.


3. Communicate!

             - Work on those social skills!


4. Report Abuse.

              - When it is called for, so we can keep the KZ2 online community as clean and tidy as possible. Please refer to #11. on the "DO NOT do list". Report serious issues (I.E. Hacking/Glitching/Exploits)



Now a lot of this seems like common sense, but a lot of people (Especially young kids) think it's cool to have voice changer set to where you sound like a serial killer, but its not, and this is just one example. Moving on...


If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc. please PM me or make a post.


Be sure to check back for additions.

Please leave feedback or hit the kudos button if you feel it's necessary.


Thank you.


Special Thanks to Seb for all the additions! (Titled under "GG:" )

To all of you who actually follow this etiquette I give a special thanks to you all for making online play more pleasant, and of course some situations will arise where you cannot follow certain ones, which is fine, just keep it to a minimum please.  And to the uneducated, "etiquette" is not "rules" by no means, it is simply a way the public in general expects you to behave.
Another thanks goes to all of you who gave kudos, I appreciate it.
Message Edited by TheGreat_1 on 02-13-2009 08:03 AM

The only thing I get out of your post is "Mommy the bad man wont play nice" People are people and they are going to do what they want to do. I sure hope you didn't waste too much effort on this post. Because trust me on this anyone who reads it and does any of the things you complain about. Will not care what you have to say and keep doing what they are doing!

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Re: Killzone 2 Multiplayer Etiquette *Please Read*

Mar 4, 2009
Just updated with a "Medic" portion to help anybody out, also currently in the works of getting other class-specific portions on there!
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