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Title: Jak and Daxter Dark Enemies

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Story Summary: Jak has become more dangerous than ever but his dark side tries to seize (I mean dark jak) dark side is getting out at times and has a dark side free or get full control of your life

speaks with his grandfather (the shadow in jak 2) and tells him that there is another world in a machine capable of extracting the dark echo of man but does not know if it would work since his power is very powerful dark world arrive is Neuriuinis him through a portal of Destiny shuttle capable of launching people to other worlds but when they are Neuriuinis former lab of his grandfather speaks to get rid of dark eco in ruins destroyed what then return to town shelter and Samos they tell what happened then this tells only thing that can save you from your dark side are the seven gems of soul fragments scattered throughout the universe these gems are very special because they contain a highly concentrated spiritual energy Daxter can also return to its original appearance (if they survive the extraction echo ...). jak may face his dark side? his grandfather says if its dark lograse escape his body needed the old objects and says that he has one but it no longer has the same power that once and I needed to return objects to their former glory and in Then he escaped from his body needed gems to give splendor to the old objects.


-Worlds. Senerius, Eptocrat, Palguesor, Deneris, Neuriuinis, Kalimdor, Azelleb. Each planet is a gem but in total there are 210 missions in each world ie there are 30 but considering that you can travel to several cities as shelter etc espargus in town, in the same world

-Transport. To reach the destination worlds shuttle, land transportation calm Beast The car that will give Thor a jak equipped with many different weapons and ammunition and won races in espargus improved

Jak-Arms. In this issue of weapons will remain the same and new but with new enhancements such a sight for sniper blaster (the peephole) and discus thrower in Jak 3
and rebounder as reflective in Jak 3, Spreader include improved missile (the Grounding is called) the other improvements of this weapon will be of Jak 3

Melee weapons when attacking jak (square or circle) ancient sword (sword that gives you an object of Samos old) improved the ancient soul gems that improvement was Palguesor.

Armor jak old as 3 appear scattered in many places many worlds

Characters. The ancient
-Jak (which lead espargus by his father) Ladies

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