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The Lost Frontier explanation - trying to make an acceptable game

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Ok its clear that for every Jak and Daxter fan that The Lost Frontier was an absolute failure, now I'm not talking about The graphics or even The personality of The characters because something like that can change in a possible next game. I'm gona focus more about The controversy of this game lore with the previous ones. So I played TLF again and started developing concepts in my head that "helped" me accept the game, so I'm gona start from the most annoying point:


1. Dark Daxter - Followers of the series know that Dark Daxter is a stupid addiction to the game, it is, but with the right explanation I for once accept. A bit of story first we learn in Jak3 that Daxter and ottsels in general are Precursors and we face the threat of the Darkmakers that are Precursors exposed to dark eco, therefore the Dark Daxter concept not being logical. But lets take a close look to the Darkmakers they don't look at all, in fact, like dark ottsels. At first I though they were the robots of The Darkmakers just like the normal Precursors have their robots, but since my last playthrough of Jak3 I went invisible Jak on them and I noticed they were breathing, but still they are metallic have tubes and such things, their face is a twisted form of the normal precursors robot face so probably a mask, and their legs are pure cybernetic equal to cyber Erol legs. So with all this I conclude that the Darkmakers mechanize them self because, or they what to live forever conquering worlds etc... , or their bodies can't stand dark eco anymore and they have to improve them by adding cybernetics. Therefore Dark Daxter is probably the first appearance of a Darkmaker, the original form of a Darkmaker.


2. No Dark or Light Jak - I kind of understand why Jak can't transform into is dark form because well he gets hurt, dark eco starts consuming him he lost reason, you name it, but explaining it better why he can't and the others can would be good. So my explanation to this would be the atmosphere is in fact full of dark eco that explains the eco storms and the dark mutants, the Aeropans including Skyheed can transform aswell but that doesn't mean they aren't in pain and/or dying, but lets admit it they are but they just don't manifest it, and Jak doesn't want to transform just because he doesn't want to feel the unbearable pain or have the luxury of dying. The Light Jak, this explanation is kind of bad because I can't find anything actually good for this one, but lets admit it that Jak doesn't need or think its necessary to transform into his light form so he uses the basic color ecos to help him. 



3. Eco shield and reflexes - this actually annoys me a lot, this two powers were already known to Jak on his light form but HIG though was a good idea to make them as he never see them before. Now I actually like the other powers I think they are fun and useful, except the teletransport one. Then again not a good explanation but a plausible one, is that Jak didn't knew the basic form of the light shield and freeze time so I needed to learn it on their original forms since light eco is a product of all colored eco combined


4. The Lobber a.k.a. The green eco gun - this is very simple to explain and I think is actually the true explanation, in Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy and even in Jak3 we use green eco to kill dark plants, so there's the explanation. Green eco is an agent against Dark eco and since most of the enemies in TLF are dark eco mutants green eco actually kills them, but you say "but I can kill those first armadillos with that gun?" in the first playthrough you don't have that gun, but I understand and lets make a bit of effort to make this coherent.


5. Eco Core - there's nothing much to say about it because I think everyone understand what is for and what is, the only thing I would ask would be a dipper explanation and a different design of this thing.


I think I didn't forget anything important. So their it is the things that, in my opinion, make TLF a bad game, but with the right explanation, at least for me, made a bearable game. The Lost Frontier has a stand alone game is a good and fun to play game and I admit it if this game was The Jak3 it would be a acceptable game. I like the concept a new area to explore, the new threat, dark mutants, I like The new design of the Hellcat and the plains in general and the dogfights, the gunstaff (yes I like it, looks like jak adopted is father's staff) Keira's new design (finally a woman), Jak's armours, a civilization obsessed with dark eco (they here could incorporate Gol and Maia) and of course the rebel pirates.


Now if for some reason they would remake The Lost Frontier like pick up the story and concept a make a better game I would love it and this is my way to see the perfect game of Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier:

Jak, Daxter and Keira are the only characters that we know in this new game, they have the same personality that in Jak3 but with different and improved designs (I don't mind at all Keira's new design, Jak change it of course) and same voice actors. The quest is the same, pirates are the bad guys at first and all that, now the Brick Island is a vast explorable area and you have to go there to do missions make it the same extension as the desert, and Far Drop make a big city the extension of Haven City (and we can see that Far Drop is big i just can't play in it) were you can do missions etc. Put Dark Jak back but if jak transforms he loses health (exclusively just for this game) and make a ultimate Light Jak with the colored eco powers for example like in PSASBR, Jak shoots a light cannon that can very well be a improved eco amplifier. Make a Dark Daxter if you want but explain what he is, and his levels need to have meaning, not kill everything from point A to B. Keep The dogfights, the mutants, the gunstaff but new weapons is an order. Explain the eco core better, and make an EPIC fight between Dark Skyheed and the Ultimate Light Jak (that can create a light sword with the help of his staff, I like swords)


Well if you read all this thanks for reading it, I would like to explain more and better my idea of The perfected TFL but I'm sick of writing. Let me se what you think on the comments below. 

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Re: The Lost Frontier explanation - trying to make an acceptable game

Dec 15, 2013

Now if i may first off, in the opening when he tried to change keira shouted "jak no the eco shortage"

so my guess in the area there was a shortage of air borne eco for him to change assumption is maybe airborne eco allows him to survive the massive toll any eco change he could do would do to his body (like a massive shift in air pressure except with highly energetic plasmatic based energy resources as opposed to air)

secondly dark eco is as you stated a corroder not necessarily a killer it mutates it doesn't flat out destroy, so a guess as to how all those eco people came about is that they are as stated in game mutations and there for incapable of returning to normal. To top off the mutation they are unstable and violent. 

another thing is dark daxter my best explanaition is dark dax is as you stated the early stage of a dark maker (also my guess is the dark maker machinations you spoke of from jak 3 couldn't survive without dark eco not that they can't live with it) also dark daxter being capable of turning back could have something to do with the fact that the amount of eco he got hit by was minimal and the fact that it simply looks like a big spiky ottsel rather than a big mutation could have something to do with that as well. to finish off the daxter tangent the reason he's capable of shifting freely could have something to do with him being small and the smaller amount of eco leading to him being large equating to a smaller amount of eco within himself there for no massive flux of issues for his body (remember he was exposed to 10 seconds while jak was exposed to 2 years worth)

if you have any need for any discussion from a fan of all jak and daxter games (yes i was even a fan of this one when it first came out) i'm totally up for that

i'm happy that they added the eco powers to this one and also um the reason they acted like he had never seen them before is probably more of "oh i didn't expect that power to come from this eco" as you stated earlier as well 

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Re: The Lost Frontier explanation - trying to make an acceptable game

Jan 14, 2014

I'm gong tbh. I only read a certain amount, because of the way you structured your entire post.


Ok here we go. I'm just going to downright confirm it that Jak's staff is not his father's staff, but is in-fact inspired from it. Sig probably has Damas staff now since he is the new King of Spargus.


I've had debates with people and some interesting things came from it, but um let's break things down first.


- Dark Maker's are former Precursors, who were exposed to Dark Eco, and thus became Dark Makers.


- As we all know with Dark Eco, dark eco has it's stages of mutuation the longer someone/thing is in possession of it. As seen throughout the franchise there is the long term exposure to dark eco and short term. Dark Jak being short term and Gol & Maia being long term. With that said the Dark Maker's current form could very well be like that because of extreme long term exposure to dark eco as Onin confirmed that the Dark Makers and Precursors have been fighting as long as time has turned, which would be eons and beyond.


Or they could be robots or covered in precursor armored made and/or painted out of dark eco.


With those facts listed, Dark Daxter is either the first stage/short term exposure of a true Dark Maker or something unique of his own. Whether Dark Daxter is confirmed to be what a Dark Maker looks like at first (before evolving) or the Dark Makers are confirmed to be robots or Dark Makers then we will have our answer kinda... for that respective character or species only. Whoever is confirmed to be whatever still doesn't confirm for the comparing character(s). Sigh.. -_-


My Short Theory: Based upon the similar appearances the Dark Maker's bodies share with the Precursor Robots (and sculptures on the walls) and statues, i'm going to have to say that the Dark Makers are in-fact inside and controlling dark eco tainted Precursor machines (in Jak 3). Even if this was true it still doesn't confirm Dark Daxter is an actual Dark Maker. But since this is my theory, I believe in my opinion that Dark Daxter is (the first stage to) a Dark Maker. Longer exposure would evolve him to a darker creature resembling a-true-to-it's title, Dark Maker, which we haven't seen yet and may'be a possible dark maker leader looks like.

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Only time will tell.
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