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The 'Jak and Daxter' Boss Guide *spoilers*

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Jak and Daxter

Boss Guide

Dark Eco Plant

Difficulty: VERY EASY

The most you'll be doing in this fight is running around the arena to avoid the little green turtle

he sends at you. This creature has spikes, so attacking it isn't an option as of yet.

You could run around the arena to wait for the spikes to retract, but the safest way to avoid

running into any thorns while doing so is to simply run back to the left-hand corner of the pit

from the direction you came from. By the time this turtle reaches you, it will have retracted

its spikes, leaving it vulnerable to attack. Take it out in any manner you choose. At this

time, the Dark Eco Plant will expose two leaves. Use these to reach the head of the Dark

Eco Plant and use your Spin Kick to deal damage. Once this occurs, he will send two more

green turtles. This time, go back to the same place as suggested before, and use your Spin

Kick to take them out one at a time, once their spikes are retracted. Once again, the Dark

Eco Plant will expose its leaves, and you can deal more damage to the monster. Repeat

the previous phase and you will win the fight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the Dark Eco Plant has been defeated, jump on its head

repeatedly to obtain several Precursor Orbs.


Difficulty: EASY

At the start of the fight, Klaww will unleash a fury of flaming boulders. Avoid these by hopping

from platform to platform until he ceases his attack. Once this happens, grab the Blue Eco

that just appeared and make your way across the forming platform, all while avoiding more of

Klaww's attacks. Once you reach the end, grab the Yellow Eco present at the platform. At

the same time, Klaww will heave a large boulder above his head, getting ready for a big attack.

Shoot blasts with the Yellow Eco you just obtained repeatedly to stop his attack, as well as

dealing damage upon him. Once Klaww has submerged beneath the lava, hurry back to the

three platforms you started on before you get caught in the collapsing bridge. Repeat the

process twice more, but note that the platform you create with Blue Eco will have less and less

tiles each time around, so you will have to make haste all while being careful not to fall into the

lava below. When this is done correctly, Klaww will be down and out in no time.

Gol and Maia

Difficulty: NORMAL

Phase 1: Start the fight by grabbing the Yellow Eco and shoot fireballs repeatedly at the robot

Gol and Maia are controlling. Once the robot takes damage, it will set a bomb in the middle of

the arena. When this happens, grab the Blue Eco that will appear and hurry to the jump pad on

the side of the arena and perform a super jump to avoid the bomb when it detonates.

Phase 2: At this point in the battle, a group of Lurkers will emerge from the Dark Eco silo. The

best tactic to take them out is by grabbing the visible Yellow Eco seen and blasting away at them

until all the Lurkers have been defeated. Once all the Lurkers have been taken care of, the robot

will release yet another bomb onto the arena. Same as before, grab the Blue Eco and hurry to the

jump pad and launch yourself to avoid the deadly explosion.

Phase 3: For this phase, the robot will unleash several groups of fireballs that will each explode and

release a wave of fire. Jump to avoid these rings of fire and keep an eye out for the next wave while

doing so. As soon as the attack ceases, grab the Yellow Eco and fire repeatedly at the robot. As soon

as the robot's arm decapitates, surprise! Another bomb is set for detonation. Again, grab the Blue Eco,

run to the jump pad and jump for your life!

Phase 4: Gol and Maia will attempt a different tactic at this point. This time, the robot will

charge its arm in preparation to shoot a large ball of fire. Avoid this attack by running back and forth

across the arena. When the opportunity arrives, grab the Yellow Eco that just appeared and

unleash a fury of blasts at the robot. Repeat this procedure until a cutscene takes place.

Phase 5: Globs of White Eco will appear after the cutscene. Your goal is to grab one before

Gol and Maia manage to use its power for your own demise. Make haste! Once you've obtained

a set of White Eco, the battle is over and Gol and Maia have been defeated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When the globs of White Eco appear around the arena, they will only be

around for a short amount of time, so timing is everything. The quickest

way to obtain a round of White Eco in time is to roll jump in the direction

of one, all while being careful not to jump off the edge of the arena.

Baron Praxis I

Difficulty: NORMAL

Phase 1: Baron Praxis will begin the fight by shooting a barrage of machine guns at you. These

aren't that hard to avoid, so just run from the direction the bullets are being fired or take cover

behind anything solid. Use the Blaster whenever you're clear. Just keep shooting at him until he

moves behind the electric gate to recharge. Get up close and keep shooting at him with the Scatter

Gun before he recharges his health. Once you've dealt enough damage, the Baron's systems will

begin to slightly malfunction and the mech will start spinning out of control in your direction. Keep

moving to avoid this hazard. The Baron will then disappear to the arena of the next phase. Make your

way past the point where the electric gate was active and continue the fight into the second phase.

Phase 2: Praxis will use a new weapon during this phase. He will fire large sets of missiles, indicated by

the little targets placed around the floor of the arena. Keep running in a straight motion to escape the

onslaught. While you're dodging missiles this round, be sure to fire with the Blaster as much as you can.

You may not find a ton of time to do so otherwise. Once again, keep shooting until Baron Praxis moves to

recharge the systems of the mech. Fire with the Scatter Gun again to prevent a regeneration in the mech's

health. Similar to the previous phase, the mech will spin out of control, so be sure to avoid this if possible.

Follow the Baron to the third and final phase of the battle.

Phase 3: Baron Praxis has had enough. This time, he will unleash fiery tornadoes that explode a ways after its

release. These last a while, so move to the opposite side of the arena away from the tornadoes. Once this is clear, continue shooting away at the Baron with the Blaster, all while avoiding other attacks from the previous phases. Soon enough, Praxis will be defeated and victory will be yours!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Should you run low on ammo, keep in mind that several crates will be

available to you tucked away in several corners of each arena.

Baron Praxis II

Difficulty: VERY HARD

Phase 1: The first thing you should do at the beginning of this fight is to take out the drones the Baron sends at

you. This is best accomplished with the Scatter Gun. Once you've cleared the arena of these drones, Praxis will

toss time bombs scattered across the arena. This is your only ticket to dealing damage upon him in this fight.

Use your Spin Kick to hurl one of these bad boys back at the Baron, inflicting some damage on the mech. This

takes careful precision to get right, so it may take a little practice. Repeat this process until the Baron's health

bar turns yellow.

Phase 2: Once again, Praxis will send several more drones after you. Take them out as quickly as you can, for

Baron Praxis will be back soon with a deadly attack. The pillars will be your best friends for the rest of the fight.

Hide behind the pillars when he fires his machine gun at you. Afterwards, he'll release more bombs. Use your

Spin Kick to knock them back at him to deal more damage. This can be accomplished by waiting for the Baron

to emerge from the pit below, knocking the bomb at him once you see the head of the mech appear. Repeat this

process until the Baron's health bar turns red.

Phase 3: Bad news. Baron Praxis has released the Precursor Stone and has every intention of using its power on you.  Take out the drones that Praxis sends once more, and hide behind one of the pillars. Praxis will use the Precursor Stone to blast chunks at the bridge, so you may need to do a bit of jumping to move to alternate pillars. Watch out for his machine gun attack again. Same as before, he'll toss around some more bombs, so knock them back at him the same way as before. When all this is accomplished correctly, Baron Praxis will be defeated once again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Baron Praxis' attacks will slowly chip away at the pillar you choose to hide

behind. You'll need to move from pillar to pillar every once in a while to avoid

taking damage.


Difficulty: HARD

At the start of the fight, Krew will summon a group of green globs that are clones of himself. Don't take them out

right away; instead, run around the arena so that they won't be surrounding you as much. When you've kept a good distance, take out the Scatter Gun and wipe out the clones. Krew will summon more, so don't relax once you've taken out a wave of clones. Once Krew stops summoning clones, he'll decide to take care of business himself. Watch out for blasts from the turret of Krew's chair. This attack can be best avoided by hiding behind the pillar in the center, as well as its supports. Once Krew has ceased his attack, come out and repeatedly fire at him with the Blaster. Don't stop firing until Krew's health gauge turns yellow. Repeat this process two more times and you will be victorious once again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ammo capacity is a real issue in this fight. If you ever see yourself losing ammo,

there are plenty of crates placed around the arena. Break these crates when you

find yourself at a far distance from Krew's clones.

Metal Kor

Difficulty: VERY HARD

Phase 1: Kor will unleash a few Metal Head crawlers at the beginning of the fight. These do not pose as much of a threat, but they are meant to distract you. Nevertheless, take 'em out as soon as possible(preferably while they are still in egg form). Fire the Blaster as much as you can at Kor. Every so often, Kor will charge a devastating attack, signaled by the Metal Head skull gem glowing in the middle of his forehead. When you see this happen, dodge sideways with the roll jump to dodge his beam. Remember to keep attacking as much as you possibly can.

Phase 2: During this phase, Metal Kor will unleash a wave of flying Metal Heads. Switch to the Vulcan Fury and sweep your aim from side to side to not only damage Kor, but to take out the flying Metal Heads as well. This time, Kor will attack with two beams at once, so be extra cautious this round. Again, dodge sideways to avoid these attacks.  Remember to run around the arena to break open crates if you find that you are running low on ammo.

Phase 3: Metal Kor has had enough child's play and has decided to deal with you himself. Watch out for his triple beam attack by using roll jumps often. The key to winning this fight is by running around the arena as far away from Kor as possible. When you find yourself at a good distance away from him, fire repeatedly with the Blaster. You may only have enough time to fire a few shots at a time, seeing as Kor moves quickly and uses his triple beam attack often. Just take your time and fire when necessary. Soon enough, Metal Kor will finally be vanquished and Haven City will be safe...for now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Different strategies may be used to defeat Metal Kor. If the above strategy does

not work for you, experiment with different gun mods during certain phases.

Dark Maker Satellite

Difficulty: EASY

Don't bother attacking at first; this foe has a force field surrounding itself, so you won't be able to damage it just yet.

The mysterious entity begins by unleashing a set of lasers that surround you and move in a circular motion. Your first instinct may be telling you to get out of there, but you'd better stay underneath the satellite until the lasers disappear.  When this happens, you'll want to roll jump out of there immediately. The satellite will then slam itself onto the ground.  Jump to avoid the shock wave. You will notice that the force field has been deactivated. Take out the Blaster and keep firing at the grounded satellite. Meanwhile, a tentacle will emerge from the satellite's body, sweeping across the arena.  Jump to avoid the tentacle, but keep shooting while doing so to inflict further damage. Once it has taken enough damage, it will rise  again into the air with its force field activated once again. Follow this strategy for the next two phases, but keep in mind that  you will have more hazards to avoid. In the second round, you will have to watch out for two shock waves and two tentacles. In the third round, look out for three shock waves and three tentacles.

Precursor Robot

Difficulty: NORMAL

The Precursor Robot will smash its energy saber twice, so be sure to jump in order to avoid the shock waves. Almost immediately, he'll sweep across the floor with with the energy saber, so time your jumps correctly to avoid this attack.  But he's not finished yet. He'll summon a swarm of shadow creatures to do his bidding. Stand back to avoid these creatures when he launches them onto the arena. Take out these foes with the Vulcan Fury to dispatch them quickly.  They will separate into smaller creatures when attacked, so make sure you've gotten rid of them all. Soon enough, the Precursor Robot will reveal another trick up his sleeve. He will shoot a set of laser beams that create pillars in the middle of the floor. Wait until the pillars cool, then jump onto them and reach one of the tallest pillars. Take out the Blaster or Vulcan Fury and fire at one of the mine cars above. The mine car will fall onto the robot's head, inflicting serious damage upon him. Repeat this process two more times until the Precursor Robot is defeated. Keep in mind that you will have three shock waves and three energy saber sweeps to avoid in the second round, and two double shock waves and three double energy saber sweeps to avoid in the third round. Survive the double energy saber sweeps by timing your high jumps.

Cyber Errol I

Difficulty: HARD

Phase 1: Errol will fire missiles at the ground, indicated by the targets on the floor. Stay away from these targets and

they'll be no problem. Once this attack ceases, KG Death Bots will appear out of the ducts placed below the arena. Take them out with the Blaster(collect any ammo and health packs they may drop). KG Robo Goons will soon emerge from the ducts. Using the Blaster would work, but use the Arc Wielder to take them out quickly. Lastly, a small bot will appear. Shoot it until it falls to the floor. Use your Spin Kick to place it underneath the spot where Errol currently stands. Errol will take damage from the explosion caused by the small bot and will flee to the spot above the next duct.

Phase 2: Errol will start this next phase by firing more missiles, but they'll be more dangerous this time. These emit

shock waves on impact, so stand back and prepare to jump to avoid the shock wave. Once this barrage of missiles

ceases, Errol will unleash missiles that create gaps in the floor tiling, so be sure to watch your step for the remainder

of the battle. Errol will then use a few regular missiles, so just keep your distance away from the little targets on the

floor. For the rest of this phase, take out the Spy Bots and KG Robo Goons that appear out of the ducts. This time,

multiple small bots will emerge from the ducts, but keep your focus on the one closest to Errol's location. Shoot it until it falls to the floor, then use the Kick Spin attack to place it beneath Errol.

Phase 3: At the start of this phase, be sure to watch out for more of the missiles that create gaps in the floor tiling;

you'll really want to stay on your toes this time. Same as before, take out the KG bots, as well as KG Hover Guards.

When you see the small bots appear, you'll know what to do.

Phase 4: Repeat the previous phases, but you'll be dealing with Dark Makers this time, including Troopers and Dark

Hornets! The Troopers create protective shields, which can be destroyed easily with the Peace Maker, Arc Wielder,

or Plasmite RPG. Finish the battle with another small bot, and send Errol packing!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not attempt to break a Trooper's shield with a physical attack.

Doing so will inflict damage upon yourself.

Cyber Errol II

Difficulty: HARD

Phase 1: Dispatch the tentacles with the Plasmite RPG. Take out any other foes that appear with the Blaster. Be sure to watch out for the deadly Dark Splitters. Once you have successfully defeated all enemies, Errol will unleash the power of the Terraformer's laser. When you see the nose of the Terraformer's head light up, run to Errol's direction and immediately turn around and run to the other end of the platform while slowly swerving around to avoid the laser. Once Errol ceases this attack, a Dark and Light Eco vent will appear. Go for the Light Eco vent and quickly use Light Regeneration to replenish any health you may have lost during the fight. Errol will then immediately use his Laser Sweep attack. Jump to avoid this attack. For a brief moment, Errol will face the other direction to recharge, exposing a weakness in the Terraformer. Quickly break out the Peace Maker and fire in the direction of the Terraformer's head to deal damage.

Phase 2: Errol will then slam the head of the Terraformer continuously. You can easily evade this attack by swerving

around the platform unpredictably. The tentacles and enemies will appear once again. Take out the tentacles first with the Plasmite RPG, then use any method you choose to take out the rest of your foes. Watch out for the spinning Drones that might occasionally come along; take them out with the Blaster. When Errol chases you with the laser again, he will summon Dark Splitters to distract you. Ignore these creatures and focus on outrunning the laser. Take out the Dark Splitters once the laser deactivates. The Dark and Light Eco vents will appear again, so take the opportunity to use the Light Eco vent to replenish your health. Dodge the upcoming Laser Sweep attack, and use the Peace Maker to fire at the back of the Terraformer's head once it turns around.

Phase 3: Repeat this procedure for another two rounds. When Errol is down to 1 HP left, he will continuously slam the

Terraformer's head at the platform, so swerve your way around the arena as before to avoid taking damage. The

Dark and Light Eco vents will appear one last time, so replenish your health if needed. Errol will summon more Dark

Splitters, Drones, and tentacles. You will have to avoid all of them when Errol decides to chase you with the laser all

at once. Use the best route to avoid any foes while outrunning the laser. Take the opportunity to vanquish all foes on

the platform. Errol will bash away once more. Jump to avoid Errol's upcoming Laser Sweep attack, break out the Peace

Maker, and fire once the back of the Terraformer's head is exposed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to avoid falling off the side of the platform. Failing in doing

so will restart the fight from the very beginning.


Difficulty: HARD

The key to defeating Mizo is to stay on his tail as much as possible. Collect any Yellow Eco pellets you see to use more powerful attacks. If you keep on his tail throughout the course all while firing any weapons you have, you'll take him out in no time. Just be sure not to crash into any walls, or else Mizo will likely escape.

Hive Queen 1

Difficulty: NORMAL

Run around the arena to avoid the Hive Queen's claw attack. If you time it right, run toward her immediately after she

uses one of her claw attacks. Use the Bug Spray directly in the face of the Hive Queen to provoke her. The Hive Queen

will then charge in your direction at full force, so jump and hover away to escape this attack. Drop back down to the

ground and repeatedly whack her in the hind quarters with the Electric Flyswatter until she gets back to her original

position. Keep repeating this procedure until she chooses to keep charging at you. All you have to do now is avoid the attack and keep whacking away at her butt until the Hive Queen dies.

Hive Queen 2

Difficulty: HARD

When the Hive Queen starts to spurt fireflies, fight fire with fire by taking them out with the Flamethrower. She will soon hover over to a small crater on one of the ends of the arena. Be sure to dodge her mana beam by using the double-jumping and hover techniques(this attack can also be avoided if you stand next to her, but away from the head). Now, spray her in the face with either the Bug Spray or the Flamethrower. She will now rise into the air, desperately trying to wipe her face off. While she's doing this, jump up and hit the square button to whack her behind with the Electric Flyswatter. Do this no more than three times. Now, immediately run as far away from her as possible, for she will now slam her butt down while emitting harmful energy particles. Repeat this process as necessary. Soon, she will begin a new strategy. The Hive Queen will land onto the wall of the arena. When she does this, immediately attack her with the Ultrasonic Attachment. If you do this too late, she will begin to spurt more fireflies at you. After you hit her with the Ultrasonic Attachment, she will fly off. The Hive Queen will now hover in the middle of the arena. You have two choices: whack her repeatedly with the Electric Flyswatter or attack her with the Ultrasonic Attachment. If I were you, I'd go with the Ultrasonic Attachment. Throughout the fight, be sure to collect Green Eco pellets when necessary. Repeat this procedure until Hive Queen 2 dies.


Difficulty: HARD

Phase 1: Jump from platform to platform to avoid Kaeden's attacks. Eventually, he will come down for some energy restoration, signaled by the purple juice flowing out of the hidden vents. Go to where Kaeden is and give him a good blast from your Ultrasonic Attachment where it counts! Repeat this process three more times to move on to the next round.

Phase 2: You will not be able to harm Kaeden this round, so focus on staying alive. You could just hop from one

platform to another, but the smartest idea would be to stay on the platform on the very right or the one on the very

left. When he sends his attacks at you, jump and hover with the Flamethrower. When he charges a bigger attack,

immediately jump forward and hover while collecting Green Eco pellets along the way. Soon, you will come towards a valve. Land on the valve and jump and hover with the Flamethrower to turn the valve. This decreases the level of Dark Eco below. Wait for the Green Eco pellets to return and jump and hover your way back across. Carefully land on one of the platforms below. Repeat the entire process on the opposite side. This triggers a cutscene leading to the final phase.

Phase 3: Avoiding Kaeden's attacks is fairly simple in this round. He will fire one concentrated shot, so hit him with the Ultrasonic Attachment all while avoiding his attack. This will topple one of the three pillars(the one that he's in front of), leaving Kaeden temporarily trapped in the rubble. Now climb and hover your way across the path formed by the demolished pillar to Kaeden's location. Hit him again with the Ultrasonic Attachment directly at the gem in the middle of his forehead. You will want to do this quickly, including the process of climbing the rubble, for he won't stay down for long. Repeat this process twice more with the other two pillars and Kaeden will be fatally injured. He makes one last attempt to flee through an open vent. The fight is now over. Run to the door on the left side of the room and make your way across the bridge to a seemingly dead Kaeden. This triggers the final cutscene.

Uber-Bot 888

Difficulty: EASY

Phase 1:  One of the first things the Uber-Bot 888 will do is initiate a series of sonic waves that will spread across the

arena.  Time your double-jumps to avoid these.  As soon as it ceases the assault, unleash the Eco Amplifier in the

boss' direction.  When the Amplifier gets close enough to the robot, fire it with the Gunstaff to release the Eco

Amplifier's energy field and inflict damage to the bucket of bolts.  The Uber-Bot will then unleash a number of small

saw blades into the air.  These can easily be avoided by running sideways.  As the robot loses HP, he'll begin to pound the ground more often, so keep a close watch for when it decides to stop attacking this way.  Inflict damage with the Eco Amplifier immediately after the attack ceases.  When the Uber-Bot 888 is down to its last HP, it will pound the ground repeatedly, so keep a close watch and fire up the Eco Amplifier once more to finish the first stage of the fight.

Phase 2:  At the start of the second phase, the Uber-Bot 888 will charge at you with full force while waving around two large saw blades.  Use the Eco Construct ability to get one of its blades caught in the crags.  Now that its arm is stuck, fire at it repeatedly with any weapon(save the Eco Amplifier for later).  Before long, the robot will swipe the field with a series of lasers.  Dodge the lasers while firing the Gunstaff.  At this point, the robot will start absorbing the energy around him with the intent sucking you into his trap.  Unleash the Eco Amplifier and let it float into the Uber-Bot's chest; you don't need to fire at it this time, for the robot will do the rest.  Repeat this process until the Uber-Bot 888 is terminated.

Alpha Mutant

Difficulty: HARD

You're really going to want to keep as much distance from this boss as much as you can.  As far as what weapon to use for this fight, I would recommend using up the Vulcan Fury first, then switch to the Blaster once you've run out of ammunition.  The boss will jump behind a collection of barrels and begin throwing them in your direction.  These are fairly easy to dodge, but try to toss an Eco Amplifier at him before he finishes tossing the barrels around for the sake of hitting him with a cheap shot.  Then immediately run in the opposite direction, for the boss will charge at you with a deadly hug.  Time it so that just before he catches you, hit the square + the "X" button to dodge effectively.  If this fails, the boss will give Jak a big hug.  Have Daxter break him free by repeatedly tapping the "X" button.  If you dodge the mutant's attack successfully, the boss will fall flat on his face.  Take the opportunity to fire up a healthy dose of Eco Amplifier.  The mutant will occasionally pound his fist at the ground.  Dodge this and use the Eco Amplifier while his fist is caught in the ground.  Repeat this process while breaking open crates for health when needed.  After a while, the oversized ape will go bananas, pounding away with sonic impulses that normally follow his frequent "hug attacks".  Just continue to keep your distance and fire when appropriate.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  It also helps to use Eco Reflexes every once in a while to give yourself a slightly stronger advantage.

Pirate Lady

Difficulty: NORMAL

At the start of the fight, turn and run the other way.  Use the "square + X" combo when she gets too close to avoid her fury of knife-slashes.  After she strikes, use Eco Reflexes to equalize your speed with hers.  Now attack her repeatedly with a combination of punches and kicks.  As Eco Reflexes fades, run away from her as quickly as possible.  Repeat this process until she flees.  Now she'll summon her cronies to ambush you.  These guys are mere pushovers, so do as you did at the bar brawl and take 'em out quickly.  Once the pirate cronies are defeated, the pirate lady will begin to toss several bombs into the arena.  So long as you avoid the red targets that appear on the floor, you'll come out of the assault unscathed.  But watch out, because she's not ready to come at you with her knife again just yet.  Instead, she'll hop on top of one of the tables and start firing her gun.  Run around the arena while performing the "square + X" maneuver, using Eco Reflexes to avoid her aim.  Jump to her height and knock her off the table with a spin-kick.  Now she'll resume her previous strategy by running at you with her knife.  Same as before, go crazy and use punches and kicks to inflict damage until Eco Reflex wears off.  Keep following the strategy explained above until she flees and summons yet another gang of pirate cronies.  These guys seem endless, but just keep punching and kicking until the field is clear once again.  Avoid her series of bombs as you've done before.  She'll hop back on one of the tables and attempt to fire at you with her pistol.  Use Eco Reflexes to evade her fire and knock her off the table with a spin kick and watch out for her constant slashes with the knife.  When her HP is slim-to-none, she'll flee the arena to harm you with her most lethal weapon, the laser field.  When the device is set in the middle of the room, immediately use the Eco Shield to protect yourself.  She'll try again with yet another laser field, so use the Eco Shield once more(there should still be enough Eco power left to use it for a second consecutive time).  When she jumps back into the arena, use Eco Reflexes one more time and finish her off.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The crates containing health packs are a little difficult to find.  Make note of where they are so that you can go after them when you're in desperate need of health.

Hyper Mutant

Difficulty: HARD

Phase 1:  Before the fight begins, have your Eco Reflexes ready.  When he charges at you, use it.  Hit "left" on the d-pad immediately and attack with an Eco Amplifier or two.  Dodge his pounding attacks by hitting the square button.  When Eco Reflex wears off, dodge an attack and use it again.  Inflict damage with two or three rounds of Eco Amplifier then continue dodging his attacks.  Whenever Eco Reflex wears off, make sure to have it ready once again to let the Eco gauge charge while you're dodging the monster's attacks.  Wait until just after avoiding an attack to use Eco Reflexes again.  Switch back to the Eco Amplifier and fire as many rounds of it as you can before the monster gets too close.  Repeat this process until he's down to about half HP left.  At this point, the Dark Eco monster will use an Eco Shield(gasp!).  Don't bother firing, because now the boss will flee by charging out the door.

Phase 2:  Before you go after the boss, shoot at the crates you see directly across the path from you.  Collect ammo and health if necessary.  Try to approach the health packs slowly so that you only take what you absolutely need.  You're going to need more health packs for the second phase of this fight.  Now approach the monster, but don't use Eco Reflexes just yet.  Wait until his Eco Shield wears off.  Use the strategy discussed earlier, but watch out for the boss' occasional use of his own Eco Reflexes.  Use the same ability to dodge his attacks more effectively.  Wait until his Eco Reflex wears off and continue with the initial strategy.

Duke Skyheed

Difficulty: HARD

The first thing Duke Skyheed will do is lunge and smash at the ground in front of you.  Get behind a statue so that he'll inflict damage upon himself when he charges into it.  Now that he's staggering, use Eco Reflexes and unleash three to four rounds of the Eco Amplifier.  Both Daxter and Skyheed will give hints that using the Gunstaff won't work, but ignore them and continue using it, seeing as it helps a little bit.  After about half of the statues have been destroyed, Skyheed will jump to the side and grab a plane to fire its turrets at you.  Hide behind one of the remaining statues until it's safe.   But he's not finished with you just yet; watch out for when he fires the plane's missiles!  Run away when Skyheed hurtles the plane at your direction.  As you may have noticed, the missiles he fired earlier are now stuck in the ground.  When your aim permits, kick them at Skyheed to deal a large amount of damage.  When the missiles are all gone, use the Eco Reflex-Amplifier strategy, seeing as it's now your only tactic to inflict damage onto Skyheed.  Keep dodging Duke's lunge attacks while using the square button to guarantee safety.  Watch out for his occasional use of dark powers.  At some point, Skyheed will grab one more plane and fire its turrets.  Now that the statues are gone, run away from the trail of bullets.  Just as before, attack the boss by kicking missiles in his direction after he throws the last plane.  When his HP gets low, he'll jump in the center of the arena and begin charging his freeze attack.  Fire the Vulcan Fury at Skyheed as much as you can, but cease before he unleashes his attack.  Jump and spin-kick to do what you can to avoid it.  From this point, continue using the Eco Reflex-Amplifier strategy until Duke Skyheed is defeated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the crates containing health packs are gone, no worries!  There are several more crates scattered on the edges of the arena.  Use Eco Reflexes to give yourself a little more time to get to them.


          Key to Difficulty


    Poses absolutely no difficulty; could be accomplished in one attempt.


    Poses little difficulty, but is still considered fun.


    Not too difficult, but could still be lost due to small mistakes.


    Shows some difficulty; may take a couple of tries to defeat boss.


    Poses much difficulty; may take multiple tries to defeat boss.


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Apr 29, 2012

To my fellow Jak and Daxter fans, I have re-submitted my years-old boss guide as a PlayStation Tome.  With the release of the Jak and Daxter HD Collection, I figured it would be worth bringing back to life.  Feel free to use this guide to aid you in your quest, and may the Precursors be with you! 

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First Son
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Aug 14, 2013

Cyber Errol II is laughable Smiley Very Happy

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