Jul 05 2013
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Naughty Dog,


I've been through this message to ask them to continue to produce other games in the Jak And Daxter serie. You can see that many people who know the various games that Naughty Dog produces very fond of games Jak And Daxter serie. Several acquaintances and friends of mine have these games and they all, without exception, would like Naughty Dog continue to produce more of these games. Moreover, already got knowledge of several pages on the Internet (including social networking) that comment on the fact that Naughty Dog does not produce more such games and lament this fact since all the people who have a game like this serie and would like was created more games of this serie. For this fact, there is no reason to believe that the release of a new game of this serie would not be a great sales success, as it has been with other games of this serie. So, I ask you to rethink over continuidade production of these games and continue to produce these games, surely these are bestsellers. I'm sure if they produce more games this serie did not repent in the end. A big reason that makes Jak And Daxter is not as famous as it should be is because some people are still not aware of the existence of this game, but if they can make more people become aware of this serie, surely this would result in a search too large for these games that, which could make the Naughty Dog really known. If you still have doubts whether it would be a good idea to continue this serie, I propose that you do a search through the page of Naughty Dog on Facebook asking if people would like it or not this can continue. Let's see the response of people who get the games from Naughty Dog. Surely the answer will be positive. However, for any misunderstanding, I believe there would be a m idea that research. Please think about what I am proposing, as this may cause the Naughty Dog grow and earn a lot of fame and certainly will not regret it. Please give me an answer.


Thank you for your attention.


Pedro Bassini (Fan of Jak And Daxter saga)

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