Jan 22 2013
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My save file randomly screwed up

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Ok, so I was playing Jak 3 collecting orbs to get trophies. I had just got gold on the satellite mini game and wanted to save. My ps3 just froze... instantly. I was very enraged so I restarted the thing and loaded Jak 3 again. I went on load game and my ps3 was fine but when I went to highlight the save file my ps3 again, froze instantly. After trying severally times it still does not work. Not even the secrets that you access from the main menus that I unlocked in that game were showing. I looked under saved ps3 saved data and my file was there with the correct data and was fully accessible but Jak 3 file still froze when I highlighted it. This is really annoying as I had about 450 orbs. Any help?

Please no comments like "lol that's nuthin, can just get it in five hours" s I don't have much time for games and I found getting that far really hard in itself :'(
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