Apr 11 2013
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Jak and Daxter : Unfinished Business

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Is Jak Mar? Where is Jaks mother? Daxters parents? Did Gol and Maya die in the first game? Where's Jak's uncle from the first game? The Precursors wanted to show the universe to Jak. Are the Dark Makers really destroyed for good? How about the Metal Heads? The Metal Head leader is dead but what about all the others? What about Jak X's ending? Krews daughter was really the foe, she got away. Where are Jak and Daxter now? What about SIG'S STORYLINE?(you could make a whole entire game on it.) I could go on for hours with other plothole speculations. Naughty Dog has to step up and say something to the community to end our misery of waiting or to continue our love of the game. We all know Naughty Dog is busy with other games such as uncharted or god of war, but we have to show them that their whole fanbase isnt based on those particular games and to give us a chance and see how it goes. i think they would gain alot from making another game in the Jak and Daxter seried because i know it could lead onto better ideas and they could possibly continue the series furthurmore if they just tried a little harder. every day i come onto this website and see no improvment whatsoever and am very dissapointed at the willingness of Naughty Dog.


Comment below what YOU think Naughty Dog should do in this situation, and YOU'RE ideas of what they should put into the next jak and daxter game because we all know this legendary series will never ever fade away.

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Re: Jak and Daxter : Unfinished Business

Apr 20, 2013

I'll try to answer some questions to what i think happened.


Where (or Who) is Jak's mother?-I would say that likely Jak's mother is ether missing or she went missing when The Baron took over Haven and banished Damas but again this just an idea.


Where's Jak's uncle?-Most likely Samos made Jak's uncle his uncle when they arrived in Sandover and most likely he just went along on his journey.


What about Jak X's ending?- Well i would say Rayn (Krew's daughter) most likely just took over Krew's role but left Jak and his friends alone since she spared them in Jak X's ending.


Again this is just what i think what might have happened



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