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Jak and Daxter Trilogy idea- "The Mar Trilogy"

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     Just an idea for a trilogy, i would like to call" The Mar trilogy" the whole trilogy explains who Mar really is and the conflict between the precursors and the dark makers. what is stated below is just a silly idea so read for some kicks, if you read it all I will be impressed.


     The first part of the trilogy takes places a few years after the end of the "Jak 3."  The world is still recuperating from the dark makers, but little does it know a threat is approaching far greater than anything the world has known.  Signs of the threat are happening as all over the world the plants have gone silent with fear and Onin's blind eyes are unable to forsee the threat.  There are also signs cause a massive movement of remaining metal heads toward a strange location as well as moving remains of dark makers and precurssor artifacts.  Jak and Daxter attempt to find out what the metal heads are trying to do.  But what they find is not what it seems.  What they find is what appears to be a tower. Jak and daxter investigate the tower and find nothing but dark maker and precursor "crap". A light appears from the sky and connects with the tower and waves of energy surge from the tower. Within jak's mind a message is heard and regarding the destruction of the dark maker ship the was destroyed and how its dark seed has been planted and what will grow from it.  After the words in his head disappeared.  Dark Makers began rebuilding themselves, also managing to create different variants that were faced in Jak 3, that are able to rebuild themselves.  In combat, Jak started to feel something very wrong inside of him it felt almost as though the light and dark eco in side of him were about to cause him to rupture.  Jak tells daxter to run, Daxter is reluctant to but he complies and runs.  Jak starts to constantly switch between his dark and light powers until they completely merged into something that can destroy as well as create.  This all of a sudden power decimated the reanimated darkmakers for good, this great power had the speed and defensive capabilities of light Jak and the sheer power of Dark Jak where each punch was the equivalent of a dark bomb and each spin was a dark blast.  After the titanic battle, everything is destroyed except for two, Jak and Daxter.  Unfortunataly, Jak may be alive but the power that destroyed the tower left Jak in a comatose state.  But we can't have Jak die can we, So he wakes up, but after the incident at the tower Dark Makers started to reappear and Metal Heads launched an attack on numerous city to look for more artifacts, the seed has sprouted. Samos the Sage and Onin with there far seeing eyes have realized the the Dark Maker ship that was destroyed was nothing more than a scout for the mother ship (corny right?).  (In my mind NO dark ottsels/precurssers were seen in the dark maker ship in jak 3, just robots!) Samos expresses doubt that the precursor weapon in the core of the planet would be able to destroy the dark mother ship. Samos believes that the secret to destroy the dark maker ship lies in the past, the Past of Mar! The only thing that allows for time travel is the Rift Gate found in "Jak and Daxter 1"  and the power of power cells needed to fuel it.  So jak 4 is finding the Rift and the power cells to fuel it. Since I enjoy the Metal heads it would be nice to explore their history some in Jak 4 maybe serve as a final boss.

     Jak 5 starts where Jak and the gang finally find a means to time travel. Since Jak has been developing his combined eco powers(I know haven't talked about the eco powers much) and also since daxter is a precursor.  The three precursor/ottsels know they will be needed, so they travel with Jak and Daxter as well.  This means that Jak,Daxter, and the 3 precursors are able to safely travel through to a point in time with advanced precursor machinery. But due to the threat of time space, technology is left behind no guns, and no jet board, just all natural eco powers, and sweet old platforming are intact. the second part of the trilogy introduces new characters and the very beginning of the metal heads and their dealing with the dark makers, and also the very beginning of haven city.  To make sure the future remains stable, Jak goes by what his father, Damas called him, "Mar".  Jak's actions as Mar in the past helped him learn how to destroy the dark mother maker ship, and control his powers. One of Jak's final action as Mar was to create a prototype weapon capable of destroying anything, this was the very weapon, that Jak fired at the end of" Jak2" to create a hole in the metal head nest. To fire this weapon, Jak needed something that could destroy anything, his own power. The three ottsel/ precursors decided to help out Jak by using his power and inserting them into advanced technology which they called the "precursor stone." There were many stones created. but due to a raid by a massive metal head attack, many were stolen and devoured by the leader of the metal heads, "Metal Kor". (A little idea about Metal Kor, We all know Gol and Maia fell into a giant well of dark eco, correct, and metal heads are biomechanical.  What if Gol and Maia somehow contacted the darkmakers due to the precursor machinery mixed with their dark eco tainted flesh, Gol and Maia made a deal with the dark makers and they emerged as the hideous Metal Kor. Lets face it when ugly brother and ugly sister become one along with some mechanical crap they make some pretty ugly little metal head babies.) So going on with Jak 5, unable to make more "precusor stones" because of the unpredictability of his power created a tomb that would protect the stone until the younger Jak would arrive and activate the stone. So the current Jak used his power of creation to place a bit of himself into the stone, despite the risks, so that the younger jak can be cleansed of the dark eco until he obtains light eco powers.  With this act and the knowledge to destroy the dark makers. Jak has left behind the "Legacy of Mar " that led to what many thought was his demise but in fact it was just time travel. The end of Jak 5 ends as Jak leaves the time of Mar to only come back to dark place in Jak 6 the end of the "Mar Trilogy".

Jak 6...The End

Sorry to everyone who spent the time to read this whole thing and were expecting the finale of my idea of the "Mar Trilogy," but this is a start of an idea for a story and if I get enough positive feedback and constructive criticisim, and maybe some new ideas. I would be more than happy to post the last bit of my idea for the finale of "The Mar Trilogy."  Well other than that hope you enjoyed this piece of crap of an attempt!!!

yours truly,


p.s. Jak and Daxter, you saved the world numerous times, think you can have a few more adventures?

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Re: Jak and Daxter Trilogy idea- "The Mar Trilogy"

Mar 2, 2012

is not crap, is good to see that people still encorage the series and still haven ideas of an hipothetical story, like some developers, ok so you my critics:

  • i think and its impossible to make a trilogy so i say the Jak and Daxter 4 could/should be a massive game with a the ideas you said
  • didnt like the idea that the second coming of the darkmakers were robots, because that means that the 1st has as well, so to me those things were the darkmakers but not elite ones (i beleive i already post something like this)
  • i think the metal heads should just be a normal animal, we shouldnt give it to much importance, they were already the enemeis of 2 games, but in the pass we have to meet them of course
  • loved the idea o the time travel and how you made every fit, the precursor stone, the mar weapon, but i dont like the idea of jak "making babys" with his grand-grand-grandmother
  • the first game would be pretty boring because it wouldnt be very ploty, it is like you have an objective in the beginning of the game and that is the only objective( and is like TPL), try to go back in time, and also i dont understand if they actually found a rift gate(the powers sells are no worry because on this time people make death races with sells jakX sell race type), or the elder precursors just came and say" hey we have a time machine here"
  • about the pass weapons, i mean Mar built that giant weapon i think they have the necessary techology but it would be cool a new more antique arsenal
  • the part of gol and maya could be like (gonna use your idea because i love it), they made a deal with the darkmakers and gol and maya became Metal Kor(gol) and Metal Kayr(maya), and Mar kills just maya in the pass leaving Kor to jak in "Jak2" get it
  • the jak 6 would be a bad game because it would be just a war game, and thats a no to me

So my conclusion is, one massive game divided  in three parts (note that TLF happened, i know is bad but we cant delete that game, might take some advantages)

1st Part: Jak and Daxter and some guards (they wont go alone poor dudes) go to a place where they find the survival darkmaker sending a message to the mother ship, jak and the guards destroy them, then Seem (the only one who can understand darkmaker language) deciphers the message saying that the mother ship is coming. Meanwhile the elder precursors came back to help our heroes, informing that the planetary defensive weapon wont be enough so they need to go back in time to find the lost precursor robot army , which helped the legendary Mar defeat the first coming of the darkmakers, they also tell them the only way to get back in time is to rebuilt the rift gate, some pieces were intact in this time(final jak2 remember), but other pieces went back in time. So Jak and Daxter follow the clues that Mar left behind about the rift pieces, ending up to rebuilt it, the elder precursor help by powering up the gate. The elders and jak go back in time, leaving daxter behind to train with other precursor to control is dark powers (daxter is one super mystical precursor that can control light and dark but needs to perfect it because he's a retarded when transformed), but the elders warn jak that they have a limited time in pass so they most hurry.´

2nd Part: Jak and the precursors found them selfs in the middle of the 1st darkmaker war, Jak found an upgrade of the villages that he grew on (TPL villages together; different geography and a bit more advance) and they found as well that the legendary Mar was just a normal soldier, but with special ability's yet unknown. Jak and Mar as well as the whole world fight the darkmakers and as well the new monster race the Hora-Quan (the name of the metalheads back in the pass, remember jak2 tomb of mar). Jak found out that in that era Gol (Gol is now Kor) and Maya (Maya is now Kayr) and broken free and they were the Hora-quan leaders (because they made a pack with the darkmakers, later betrayed). Finally Jak and Mar found the location of the precursor robot army but jak's time was running out. In the gates of the precursor robot army a fierce battle between Kor, Kayr, Mar and Jak is happening, Mar reveals his true light powers killing Kayr(Maya) and Kor run way defeated and weaken (later defeated in jak2). On their final moments in the pass, the elder precursors gave the precursor stone to Mar to power up the army, and to use the army just one time to destroy the darkmakers and seal it away. Jak tells Mar to build haven city and take all the glory, because their presence must be unknow in the pass, and Jak gives he's seal to Mar saying exactly what Damas said to him "Save the people Mar they need you". (Later Mar builds that big weapon to help in the metalhead war, obeying the order of just using one time the precursor robot army. He's now the Baron of haven city)

3rd Part: Jak and the elder precursors go back to there time and found out the the darkmakers where already there, the final battle had already begun. Jak, Tor, Sig and a whole army go to the location of the precursor robot army,(jak unlocks the seal of the gate just by touching it, cleaver Mar) finding out that those giant metal things were actually suits, which they needed to go inside and control the precursor machines (giant robot war weeeeee). Jak now reunited with Daxter, and the army, make an assault to the darkmaker mother ship. The star of the show is going to be Daxter transforming himself into a majestic creature, a balance between light and dark ,that will destroy the monstrous darkmaker leader.

So what do you think?

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Re: Jak and Daxter Trilogy idea- "The Mar Trilogy"

Mar 3, 2012

I really like your ideas!!! The idea of a precursor army was absolutlely bloody brilliant. And I also enjoyed how you made a story out these ideas, that actually made sense. But is the chaotic mixture of Jaks light and dark eco powers involved in this story?

  and with some brain storming, I thought of some ideas and also some tweeks to your ideas.

  • To add a more of a sense of urgency when Jak travels in time, The Dark makers catch a wiff Jak and the gang's plan to find the precursor army, the dark makers created a copy of a certain cyborg named Errol, from a hard drive containing his personality, memories, and determination to destroy the planet and Jak.  The dark Makers send Dark Errol through time in order to stop Jak.  Errol will also be the one to free Gol and Maia, and screw them over in the end.
  •   I really like my idea that "Jak is Mar, the Mar"(Ashelin, Jak 3) in the past and helps create haven city but I agree that it is disturbing to think that Jak and a special someone will make a little Jak in the future, only for little Jak to back to make another Jak .  So my idea to counter the "Jak makes a baby" idea is that Jak finds a successor worthy of being an "adopted" child. that someone must be able to channel eco and have a gift from the precursors and guess what Jak brought some precursors with him. Plus what better to way to spread the word that Mar is dead, than from his adopted son's mouth.  and less creepiness!!  (the reverse of your idea)
  • Even though I may not be to fond of the idea that daxter stays in the present but since more precursors are introduced, I feel this is an oportunity to make this story not just about jak, it is about daxter and the fact that daxter could potentially become a dark maker (just to be clear, in my mind the real dark makers are dark ottsels like what daxter was in TLF).  This is one reason why the precursors are training daxter so he doesn't become another enemy.  Plus since Jak doesn't bring daxter to the past but other precursors, I can imagine the ottsel leader perched on Jak's shoulder. (but I will miss daxter)
  • One reason why I wanted no guns for the 2nd bit was that I felt it would be nice to incorporate the original eco powers(blue, red, green, yellow) and still keep the light and dark eco, but I agree that guns would definitaly exist in Mars time, but possibly have them to be slightly primitive, even though they made the big ass gun/cannon in Jak2.
  • The cannon found in Jak 2  is a prototype based off of weapons on a single precursor robot. Jak had to test his power ( if his power exists in your story) was compatible with the cannon. he if the cannon fired so would the precursor weapon.  It would have been a risk to reveal the robots that could destroy a bunch of dark furballs and machines that could destroy planets to early in the past.
  • The precursor army was created during the last bit of the precursors vs dark maker war. precursors sought balance and didn't wish to rule over all life, and created machines to help life grow, not destroy .  the dark makers minds warped by dark eco sought to conqure all life.  The precursors created defences to destroy smalled space craft as a threat to stop the invasion. the dark makers destruction of numerous planets  forced the precursors to create an army of precursor robots meant to do one thing that the precursors hoped they would never have to do, destroy.   So the army did what was meant to and faded in time so that no other sentient can be corrupted by its power.  Only the oldest precursors know of the army, a secret that was kept until the return of the mother ship.

Any Jak and Daxter fan has to love Daxter everyones favorite foul  mouthed precursor/ottsel.  And your idea that daxter is the star of the show is actually kinda cool but funny.  Since I also love Jak, I feel he should have an equal amount of the spotlight.  I think it would be nice if the dark and light brigade it into one of the precursor suits and go off in to space kick some ass but since the dark makers dealt with the army before they launch a counter offensive against the army lead by Dark errol which destroys jak and daxters precursor suit, but jak and daxter transform themselves into magesctics creates and go all super saiyan on errol's ass but they exhaust their majestic powers and crash into the dark maker mother and cause havok until they run into the leader of the dark makers the first precursor/ottsel corrupted by dark eco, and they have a mind-numbingly epic fight and so on so far.

I in brutal honesty liked your story more than more some ideas, I really liked and some were just ok.  but I hope you like some of my ideas that I just thought up

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Re: Jak and Daxter Trilogy idea- "The Mar Trilogy"

Jun 27, 2013

I love these ideas! I would love to play a game like this!! Especialy that Jak is THE Mar from the past, that idea is just great! I hope Naughty Dog comes up with something like this and then creates it on PS4. I love the Jak & Daxter series. I bought the collection a few days ago, And already finished it. 

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