Jan 01 2013
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Jak and Daxter HD Collection 2

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So, i really want them to make this, with Jak X, Daxter, and The Lost Fronteir. But if they do, i really hope they do the following.


The Lost Frontier:

  • Rerecord Precursor Statue voices(because they used a different voice, and it sounds stupid)
  • Bring back original Voice Actor for Jak.( Bothers me because he doesnt seem like Jak anymore)
  • Fix the camera(The camera is really weird to control)
  • Change Jak's walking animation back to Jak 3's.(Jak in the Lost Frontier walks really weird)
  • Upscale Graphics..
  • Add in some cutscenes to make Dark Daxter make any sense.


  • Replace Daxter model with Jak 3 Daxter Model(He is really low quality in this game)
  • Upscale Graphics

Jak X

  • Fix memory card glitch(not sure if this was allready fixed or not)
  • Upscale Graphics

And Finally

  • Add a trailer for Jak 4 for beating all of the games with a Platinum.


What do you guys think? Would you buy this if they made it? And what would you add onto this list?




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Re: Jak and Daxter HD Collection 2

Jan 1, 2013

If Sony were to release an upscaled HD edition of the other three Jak and/or Daxter games, the outsourced developer wouldn't bother with replacing voice actors and remaking the game. What they would do is focus entirely on porting these PSP and PS2 games over to the PlayStation 3 (or whichever platform they would be headed). If a Jak 4 were coming out then it would be possible to see a trailer (or even a demo) in a future installment such as this, but at this point a fourth Jak entry hasn't been announced yet... so, it's unlikely one is even in the making.

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Re: Jak and Daxter HD Collection 2

Jan 1, 2013

Well, i meant they could put a trailer in it to announce it. And the voice actors thing could be possible, they did it with Silent Hill HD(i know it isnt made by the same people, but the possibility of it happening is there, no matter how small that possibility is.)



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