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Jak & Daxter Series: Favorite Lines & Quotes.

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This is simple guys, just name your favorite line/quote or lines/quotes from any of the games(excluding Jak TLF only) You could state as much as you like. Theres no limit.


Heres mines:


Jak: The Precursor Legacy


"Light eco. It does exist!"  -Gol



"Jak. You have an incredible talent for channeling eco. Samos you may have been right about this one after all."  -Blue Sage



"You do have what it takes to be heroes!"  -Samos



"Don't worry bout me baby. You know what they say. Big things come in small packages."  -Daxter



"Rule number 1: I don't date animals!"  -Keira


Jak II


"This place is worth fighting for. Precursor Stone. Gun. Nest! Ha ha ha, eat this! Lets go take care of business"  -Jak



"Watching me take care of those metal heads was, ahh... pretty... exciting... wasn't it sugar? Hey, sweet strips, gimme' them digits so I can look you up sometime. We'll party hard, big city style!"  -Daxter



"Im beginning to wonder that myself".  -Jak



"Im not my father you know. Ever since I was a little girl, I've looked down at the city streets from that ridiculous palace and imagined a better place".  -Ashelin



"Today you have proven yourself worthy to receive Mar's Legacy". -Mar's Statue



"I'd say your going to lose a lot of money. Because Im going to race and I intend to win!"  -Jak



"Jak my boy, the future awaits."  -Samos


Jak 3


*Gun cocks* "Bring em on!"  -Jak



"What happens in the wasteland, stays in the wasteland"  -Daxter



"The city threw me out, remember? They can rot for all I care. Forget it! Just leave! I have new friend nows. I'm through saving the world".  




"I couldn't leave you Dax. With all our aventures ahead, you wouldnt last a second without me".  -Jak



"Its headed for the city. We gotta defend it... for Damas. The last charge of the dark and light brigade! Lets do it partner! To the end!"  -Jak & Daxter



"Lets go topside and see what kinda trouble we can get into".   -Jak



"Take your destiny into your own hands. Look... sand canot keep a shape bt itself, but add water and it becomes malleble. Fate can be such if you add the right element"   -Damas



"Be ready. You are shaping up to be one of my finest warriors, and I'll need you for the trials ahead."   -Damas



"Jak, you are the greatest of heroes. You have turned the tide, against the Dark Makers and together we will win this war".       -Precursor Leader



"Your the best man we got to lead an expedition into the catacombs".  -Samos



"You're the man, Jak. YOU are the man!"   -Torn



"Lets finish this!"  -Jak



"You have proven your worth warrior".  -Precursor



"Hey, thanks for everything partner!"  -Jak



"My point is, sometimes you face your enemy head on, and sometimes... you wait until his weakness is revealed. Patience is a warrior's greatest weapon."  -Damas



"You're through, Errol. Even if we both die!"  -Jak


Jak X Combat Racing


"The death threats and bounties dont bother us. We're not afraid to die."  -Jak



Tell you the truth. Im probably dead already, but that doesn mean I can't take a few scumbags with me."  -Jak



"I can handle tools, but thats not all im good at, jak".  -Keira



Were getting death threats Dax. Someone doesnt want us here. Ya think! I say we take the next boat home." Not a chance!     -Jak & Daxter



"May'be if you ask nicely, I'll install stuff. Deal. Thats asking nice? What? *Daxter thumps Jak on head* I mean it would, it would be... nicer"  -Keira & Jak



"And Jak, well talk about nice, later."  -Keira



"You have a habit of leaving people to die, dont you?... You get use to it". *EXPLOSION*  -Mizo & Jak

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Re: Jak & Daxter Series: Favorite Lines & Quotes.

Jan 1, 2013

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


"Id hate to fall into more dark eco and turn into you" - Daxter says to Samos

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Re: Jak & Daxter Series: Favorite Lines & Quotes.

Jan 22, 2013
"I'm gonna keep yappin' because In my professional opinion the change is an improvement!"- Samos
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