Mar 23 2014
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Jak & Daxter 4 Naughty Dog Were Waiting

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naughty dog not sure if you would ever come across this, but if you do i would just like yall to know big fan of yall's Series yall have ever made for PlayStation as a whole but i noticed their hasn't been a Jak & Daxter 4 yet? Jak & Daxter was one of my favorite series on PS2, do yall have any plans on making Jak & Daxter 4 for the PS4? This is a much needed sequel and it would give the Uncharted and The Last Of Us Series a break, i love those series but i think its time to go back to the basics and bring the IPs back to what made PlayStation So Great.  from the PSone and PS2 Days. Time to bring back some old ips from back in the day, so Naughty Dog if you are reading this will yall do this eventually, at least by 2015? ????? Also to any Naughty Dog-Sony Fans out lets bring back the IPs of the PSone to PS2 by telling Sony and their First Party that we want a Sequel to any of our Psone/Ps2 games that made PlayStation so Great. 

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