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Jak Vs Mar.

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The Mar



It has been debated and argued for years that Jak is The Mar. Im going to state and prove how Jak isn't The Mar, but is in fact just named after Mar. 


Jak and the history of The House of Mar

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Its been clear and said that Jak was & is the Heir of Mar. Since Jak is the Heir of Mar this is one strong reason to how we know Jak is not Mar. When your the Heir of something like in Jak's case, it means that Mar is Jak ancestor. Same goes for Damas, Jak father. Starting from Jak II that's when we first heard the line that Jak is the heir of Mar. The Mar statue even said "Today you have proven yourself worthy to receive Mars Legacy.(skipping unnecassary lines......) And you were chosen to keep that hope alive". (Continuing from the sentence before the last one)- In Jak 3 when Damas said it, the understanding and perspective of it was a little bit stronger. "Find my Son Mar. You'll know him when you see this... he's wearing an amulet just like it. A symbol of our lineage with the great house of Mar." A symbol of our lineage- also exactly means in Jak's case that, the amulet Jak wore is a symbol representing that he is related to Mar. The great house of mar is the family line of Mar. Damas was also related to Mar obviously since he had the amulet and is Jak father. Some detail here- Damas was not only the former ruler of Haven City before Baron Praxis,  but  was also known and entitled as a former great warrior. Jak was the next hero to step up in this family line. Instead of being Mar, it just seems that Jak maybe the best interpretation of Mar since Mar. Yes Damas was a great warrior, but Jak is better since he saved Sandover village, Haven City, Spargus City, defeated Metal Kor and more. Jak has done the best job at being a hero like Mar. It even seems like the Precursors thought that Jak was slightly better then Mar. I mean I would say its even, because although Jak defeated so many powerful enemies and saved the worlds and used the gun Mar never got to use. It wouldn't have been possible without Mars artifacts, the grid and shield wall. So by Mar dying many years ago, Damas stepped up and unfortunately failed by getting kicked out the city and never fixing the Metal head issue while in the war. A couple years later, this is when Jak steps in.


Some further Damas History



So right before Damas gets kicked out, he has this Son named Jak but his original name being Mar. With the evidence its obvious from this point that because Damas and Jak are blood and are part of the house of Mar family, Damas named his son(the next hero to step up and save the people and world by the line of Mar)Mar so that he can fulfill what The Mar never finished and what Damas never finished. Without it being said in the games, by naming Jak after Mar, Damas heavily believed in and relied on Jak. By Damas giving him that Amulet as a very young kid proves that as well. At such a young age for Jak, Damas believed Jak would succeed due to the fact that he is in the family line of Mar.


Jak 3 ending Part 1





So to get some confusing thing out of your heads. People thought Jak went with the precursors to become Mar. A lot of people obviously didn't watch/hear the commentary of the last Jak 3 cutscene. It was stated that Jak would have became some great hero if he went with them(but even if he did, still wouldn't have been Mar. It just would have been to take Mars role). Devs said Jak never went anywhere. Jak did the same exact thing Daxter did at the beginning of Jak 3. Jak thought Daxter left him in the desert, but after the dust cleared, it was shown Daxter never went anywhere. The developers said they wanted it to be the sameway at the end of Jak 3 where this time Jak looks like he leaves, but he stays with his best buddy daxter, even saying the same line Daxter said, but with a inclusion of one more line. Daxter first said, "Im only here because you wouldn't last a second without me". Jak said, "I couldn't leave you Dax. With all our adventures ahead you wouldn't last a second without me.


Mar/Jak's Armor


Another misleading discussion is people stating Jak Armor was gone after he came back from the ship. I dont get this because his armor was gone from the start of the cutscene. The armor was missing in many cutscenes throughout the game. When you have your armor on & earned, in some future scenes your not going to see it pop up because it was so much data to include in certain scenes for the Devs. Another thing with this armor that people say, is that Jak is Mar because he fits the armor. This is no way even close to justifying that Jak is Mar. The armor was obviously passed down throughout the family line of Mar. Damas most likely wore it around Jak's age. It fitting Jak means absolutely nothing about him being Mar. It just goes to show that the armor was ready to fit Jak at his age. If he was given it as a kid he wouldn't have been able to fit it. With most other characters models in the game many characters could have fitted Mars armor. So the logically and explainable conclusion is that Damas extracted it from Mar and was saving it for his son when he became the right age.


Mar's Statues and Daxter

Another point is Mar's statue and Daxter. Mars statue not only look nothing like present or *future* Jak, but also wheres Daxter? We all know Daxter doesn't die and we all know Jak & Daxter would never separate(inseparate duo). So wheres Daxter on the statue's? The statue's also show no sign of Jaks overall wardrobe. His goggles arent there, his blue tunic isn't there with that stone circle strap. Even if his whole wardrobe got a make over, you really think they would have gotten rid of his goggles? Thats almost like taking away Jaks powers..


Jak 3 ending Part 2




So and now... with the ending of Jak 3, which is the main and common issue, of people believing Jak is The Mar, let me justify. Ok so at the end Ashelin says, "Wait Jak is Mar? The Mar? Seem the monk boy shakes his head yes at Jak is Mar? But not at The Mar? Jak goes into the precursor ship right, but he never went anywhere. People assume he went off to become The Mar and do everything Mar did. However guys, you was to naive. It was stated and proven that Mar died right? So if Jak was Mar or to become Mar, he wouldn't have returned alive. Not only does Jak returnalive , but Jak X Combat Racing is also made after the events of Jak 3. So once again if Jak was Mar, he would have never returned because Mar died.

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Re: Jak Vs The Mar.

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