Oct 08 2010
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A long time ago, before Jak X, I had an idea.

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I had an idea for Jak 4: Dark Menace.

Please, let me know what you think here.


For starters, I'm a supporter of the Jak x Keira pairing.  The idea stemmed from my anger towards the end of Jak 3, hence the reason I kill off certain characters right at the beginning of this story.  The story is still in the works, mostly because I am a lazy little fangirl that would rather cosplay than write, but again, if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them (or, read them in this case)




Our story begins in the dead, cold winter of Haven City.  The city was still in the works of being rebuilt after the war in Jak 3, and the stadium was just about finished.  In order to celebrate, Ashelin had prepared a ceremony to re-ignite the peoples hope in the city, and motivate them to a more prosperous future.

Roughly 300 miles away, in the old Dark Eco Siloths (particularly the one that Gol and Maia were sealed in) a small group of FLG were sent to open the silothes, and gather the eco, and help replenish the cities eco supply.  After they are finally opened, they find two figures floating in the dark eco.  Both completely crystalized.  The guards examine the crystals and excavate them from the eco.  Gol's crystal falls and shatters to the bottom of the tower, hundreds of feet below, Maya, on the other hand, is freed from her trap, kills the guards that freed her, and makes her way to Haven City.

Her body is still weak, so she uses the Dark Eco to take control of someone in the city, someone of high rank.  In comes Ashelin, governess of the city, and most of all, a friend of the man who did this to her in the first place, Jak.

Maya kills Ashelin and takes control of her body right before the ceremony in the stadium begins, filling the room with her audience with dark eco, mutating anyone who comes into contact with it.  Jak tries to stop her, and fails.  Ashelin/Maya laughs at his misfortune, having been poisoned by the very thing he sought to destroy in the past, and taunts that only she can save him from the curse of the dark eco, before leaving again.




And that's where I stopped.  Really looking for ideas on this though.


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a very good idea...

Oct 8, 2010

This is a very good idea for a new Jak and Daxter game, but I would think the metal heads would have opened the silos before Jak arived in haven city, you know how much they love eco.  How about they couldn't use the cristalized eco, and put them in a cave to save for later when they had time to drain the eco out of them, but they would forget about them and they would sit in the cave for years.  Then have the gards be scaning for exposed eco, and then the scaner fly's off the chart when it ditects the critalized Gol and Maia.  The gards find the cave behind some thick growth and you know what happens next.  This could be the story that links Jak X to the game that would have Jak become mar.  But wouldn't Jak not be afected by the dark eco but would become even more powerful by ubsorbing it for his dark powers.  And then have Maia realize how much Jak has changed and how powerful he is and how he can use dark eco to his edvantage.  She tells him to join her or die.  what would happen then? 

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Oct 15, 2010

You've got a good imagination, but the enemy herself isn't very threatning or will never be strong enough to challenge Jak, who ismaster of both light and dark eco. But I'm being biased because I stopped reading the moment you killed Ash. Sexy, Ash.


Jak and Ash forever. Keira is a butterfly who plays with Jak's emotions.

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@ClassicSpyroFan: Those are some awesome suggestions, tha...

Oct 25, 2010

@ClassicSpyroFan: Those are some awesome suggestions, thanks so much for your input!


@Darknom: Sorry, but I'm going to have to disagree with you there.  I like Ashelin as a character, but she's much better suited with Torn.  But honestly, this series isn't about "Who **bleep**s who?" The story of Jak and Daxter is a story of friendship, and doing whatever it takes to do what's right.  I may ship Jak/Keira, but its not the basis of the story.

Though killing Ashelin was my main point of writing this, ND calmed my fury after Jak 3 with the ending of Jak X.  Like I said, I DID like Ashelin, but the end of Jak 3... I like to think never happened.  But I digress.  It's been years since I beat either game, and after focusing on the story, I'm not even going to bother with the relationship factor of it all, and my story can easily be edited to accomidate that.  I still like the idea of Ashelin being taken over though... she has the same body-type as Maya, including facial structure.  But I suppose she doesn't have to DIE... (even though it would give Jak a reason to go after her and add some character development right at the beginning of the story).

I do have to agree with you on one thing though.  She SHOULD be stronger.  Especially if she sees right off the bat that Jak can control both Dark AND Light eco to it's full extent now.  I could add some to her character, I just don't want her turning into another Erol (Erol was by far the worst idea for a villain that ND could've come up with for Jak 3, no cyborg zombies please!!!!  Especially when they barely have any motive!)

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