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Jun 29 2011
By: footballrule Keyblade Wielder 9679 posts

Homefront feels like BF and COD put together!

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Hi, I played the Homefront multiplayer demo last night and really enjoyed it! I saw gameplay when it first released and wasn't interested in it since the graphics didn't look all that good, and wasn't interested in the single player at all. After trying out the demo, I would for sure buy the game now. I really wish demos like this would release before the game releases, not months after. Anyway, I think THQ can really make a great Homefront 2 if they were to improve the graphics by a lot and adjust the movement a bit.

Other than all that, why does it copy COD's controls completly? Reminds me of how Medal Of Honor did that as well, lol.

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Re: Homefront feels like BF and COD put together!

Jul 11, 2011

Cause it is a really simple, easy to use set up and people are already used to it.

As far as buying this don't I have it. Total waste of money.

A lot of my friends have it and when we party up half of us end up on the other team.

Where are my x3 Frags?!

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