Mar 09 2012
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So according to Heavy Rain Wikia's "The Old Warehouse", you can get to the warehouse with Ethan alone AND NOT GET SHOT?

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So according to HRWikia's article on The Old Warehouse, some people reported making it to the warehouse with Ethan alone and not getting shot, and that there is a walkthrough video proving this (that strangely enuff wasn't posted in the trivia section).

So does anyone know if this is possible or know where the vid proving this is? Thanks, .

P.S.: My first ending for this game was: fail the puzzle, forgive madison, pick correct location as ethan and let madison die by jumpin out the window.. Lol, I killed Scott without thinking twice. I actually thought that I would be forced into a massive, very hard quick-time event situation when the police shot me, before I was shot to death. Anyway, I later got Norman to solve the puzzle and make Madison survive, and I got the best ending (other than the tripto/ari problem).

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