Feb 01 2017
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I want to erase all mu progress

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well, i guess the title says it all.

how can i delete my progress and start from lvl 1?

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Re: I want to erase all mu progress

Feb 1, 2017

I don't think you can on the PSN version of the game because the cross-play cloud save will restore you even if you deleted your save file the next time you go online, but if you are willing try the following


  1. Have your PS4 be offline (not connected to Internet
  2. Delete your Helldivers save file
  3. Start up the game and play in offline mode solo
  4. Play a few early planets, enough to have something update your local save file
  5. Without closing the game, or returning to title screen, get your PS4 back online
  6. Try using the Options menu to do a Manual Cloud Save (to overwrite your existing cloud save)

If that works, then you should be effectively reset.


Haven't tried this, so if it does work (or not) report back here for the benefit of others seeking to do the same. Good luck

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