May 10 2017
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Helldivers Story mode?

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Simple, it takes place before all the wars and is a prequel, actual giving backstory and development​ to the characters on the ship (armory dude, captain dude, and science​ lady dude). It would still play top down, and still feature the 3 factions. Each faction would kinda mess with each other (bombings, assaults, attacks, etc.) throughout the story mode. As you progress, the bigger and more tougher enemies would appear more and have a few bosses here and there for each faction (please let them be unique and not re-skins of each other and let there be a final boss of that faction at the end). I think this would be a great idea and change of pace for the game, especially for those who want to take a little break from the whole Galactic War thing (like myself). DLC weapons, perks, and stratagems would be able to be used at the start of the campaign (I mean c'mon you paid for them with real money). Sincerely -A Fellow Helldiver
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Re: Helldivers Story mode?

Last week.
It's a little late in the games life cycle to add a full story mode, but I like where your heads at.
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