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Re: controls

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Sep 21, 2013

CaptainAlbator wrote:

awb555 wrote:

CaptainAlbator wrote:

awb555 wrote:
In GTA 4 they had a option to make X=gas and Square=break. So why NOW take it out?

Because there's more functions now than there were in Grand Theft Auto 4. They have to go somewhere.

More options are fine, but why not put the X and Square functions where the L2 and R2 are..Problem solved.

And where are the functions that X and Square take up going to go? You start swapping button positions, it's going to become a mess. It's far from "Problem solved".


I know people like having control over every aspect, however they design these things this way for a reason. As a player, you adapt to them, they don't have to adapt to you. And seeing how successful the game is, they can easily live without your sixty bucks.

Did you not read what I said?. Put X and Square functions where the L2 and R2 are, and R2 and L2 where X and Square are. I really didn’t think I needed say where X and Square would go! Kinda thought that would’ve been implied.... about the “adapting“ I have “dystonia” in left hand. (sorry)

Im not asking for FULL custom keybinding!!

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