Sep 10 2013
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What i wonder about gta5

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everyone seems to wonder about driving, but i wonder what the crashes will look like. we all know the driving is better but i want to see cars crash into eachother and see how well you can wreck your car till it stops running! its all i ever did in gta4 when i was off mission, see how badly i can warp the car.


atm online mode

so we can go on heists with our friends online, what i wonder is, should you be worried that you will be killed after the mission? even if you do get away they can always follow you and kill you as you approach the atm assuming you get out of the car.


can we gift cars to our friends? or sell them? like if i had a really cool car that i didnt like but someone else liked (like the lambo), could i sell them said car? yeah i dont really like the lambo or comet, i like heavy cars that were built before the 90's.


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