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Oct 10 2013
By: Bobsfed Fender Bender 2916 posts

Weird and funny glitches in GTA V

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There was one where I was driving along a highway in the country, and the bridge in the distance hadn't been drawn in yet. So as I approached I kept seeing cars drive over the edge to the canyon below. Then as I got to it the bridge suddenly appeared and a car got stuck halfway falling. So you could see the back half of the car sticking out of the road. Eventually it exploded, and disappeared. Another glitch happened when I stole a pickup towing a trailer with a boat on it. I drove it into Travor's Sandy Shores safe house garage and saved it. When I came back later to check on it the pickup and trailer were gone, but the boat was still there floating afew feet off the ground as if the trailer was invisible. I climbed onto the boat and tried driving it, but it fell to the ground when I did that. I would have taken pictures of these glitches but I've been having problems with my Rockstar Social Club account. I made one on RDR afew years back, but I can't remember the account name or pw tied to my email address.

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