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Oct 08 2013
By: HearItWow Treasure Hunter 5310 posts

Tired of Getting Chased?

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Every pick up the drugs mission in online and a few of the single-player missions in the game end with a wild, bullets-flying chase back to some destination. This is good for getting you killed and raising your Wanted level if you choose to shoot back.


There's an easy way to avoid this: Hang out and let the chasers come to you. In the main game, this will kill the time limits, but you're not up against that online, so this can be a useful strategy.


After you've picked up the drugs, find some cover and wait a few moments. You may need to hop into a car to trigger your pursuers, but you usually don't have to do this. Once they show up at your location, they'll get out of their cars and start shooting. Kill them all, pick up the cash they drop, then enjoy a leisurely ride to your destination.


If you're on your last Team Life, this is a much safer strategy than a car battle. It can also put an extra $50 to $100 in your pocket, depending on the number of pursuers and what they drop.

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Re: Tired of Getting Chased?

Oct 8, 2013

My boy showed me this... It's a good tip.

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