Sep 20 2013
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Recruiting for crew "MidKnight"

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Just making a new crew Ive been in the gaming community for a long time now and decided to create a crew for GTA V ive been in and out of clans and guilds over the years so I know how they work just never really created my own, I am a good gamer and tend to have good skills and teamwork I beleive I can be a good Leader and want to have a big crew and teamwork is a big key to clan/crews so if your looking for a crew and have decent gaming skills and can increase your gaming on GTA V then this crew is for you.


Im very friendly pretty much wont say no to anyone unless you just plain out cant play good but im sure everyone has times of learning and im here to help so if your looking to join a new crew join mine. You can either send me a private message on here or go and request a join to my crew "MidKnight"


Also here is my recruitment post:


Crew/Clan Name: MidKnight

Crew/Clan Tag: DARK

Crew/Clan Leader & Officers: Subion

Website:  <---- click here to join

Region: US

Time Zone: Central US

Mic Required Y/N: N

Crew/Clan Style (Casual, Competitive etc...): Casual/Competitive depends on day and crew lol

Recruiting Status: Recruiting


Motto/Mission Statement: Prepare To Be Owned!


No members yet but looking for some good people to join and have a blast with SEND REQUEST TO JOIN or PRIVATE MESSAGE ME


Thanks for your time! :smileylol:

and lets make this the best crew out there.


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