Apr 15 2013
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RCT Rockstar Custom Tracks For GTA:LCS Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories On PS VITA

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It doesn't work. The RCT program will not recognize the PS VITA. I got it to work perfectly on the PSP, but when I go to import "ULUS10041CUSTOMTRACKS" to the PS VITA, it recognizes it as "corrupt data" and will not import. I was doing research on this for about 2 hours last night to see if anyone knows any trick to make it work, and the suggestion someone gave was "just put import the songs you want to hear to your music player on the PS VITA and have them play in the background while you play GTA:LCS in a seperate window." I tried this as well and it doesn't work, because as soon as you launch the game, the music operation ceases because it cannot be run concurrently with the game. As soon as you swipe the corner of the screen to halt the game operation, the music resumes exactly where it left off. I'm quite disappointed that this feature doesn't transfer over to the playability on the PS VITA, because I was looking forward to rockin' out to some SLAYER while enjoying some GTA, but that's just not going to happen. Unfortunately as we get new technology, the companies already made their money and abandoned the games and have no reason to write firmware updates to them to get features that you paid for to work. This was a big incentive for me to get the game, and now I'm kinda upset.



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