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Jun 11 2013
By: Andy55411 Hekseville Citizen 369 posts

My short gta 5 wishlist

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I don't really see a point in this but what the hay?


call me a noob for asking for these things I don't care :smileytongue:


bullet damage (multiplayer only), make it more like red dead redemption, I spend more time shooting half or more of my mag in to a person, then need to reload because I don't have enough ammo to kill the next person. keep in mind I use the auto aim (casual gamer/non competitive gamer, whatever you wanna call it).


regenerate health (multiplayer only), make it  just like red dead redemption, picking up health becomes a chore too often, this way it focuses more on gameplay rather than see who can pick up health the most often and fastest. the least often/slowest picking up health will more often lose the next fire fight. I just want to shoot and kill people, not play who can pick up health the most often kind of play. but of course only in multiplayer. we don't want to ruin the single player like gta4 has now do we?


auto aim, I know it'll most likely will have it, but just adding this in my wishlist since I'm a casual gamer


I'm not asking to give grand theft auto a call of duty feeling to the game, just focus more on gameplay is all I'm asking. I'm sure even if gta5 doesn't have the first two things listed above but have stuff like helicopters,jets,swim under water,sky diving and new and bigger map,more things to do (more like red dead redemption) will make me forget not having those things and still have a blast. it'll just be very nice to have those two things when I'm not doing anything but reeking havoc.

I'm a non competitive kind of player. I just enjoy kicking back and just enjoy the games.
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