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Sep 30 2013
By: Smiggels First Son 2 posts

Looking for mature/fun friends

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Myself and a few friends (who haven't joined the crew just yet) are a relaxed and fun group to hang with. A few of us have mics, a few of us don't. Sometimes those who have mics dont even care to use it haha.


There is nothing serious about our group. Other than hangin' out and just having some fun lol. We love doing crazy stuff in games and even if you think you're getting bored of the game we find new stuff to explore/do. Pretty comical group. If you want to hang with us you are more than welcome. I am not here to force or beg you into our crew. I just wanted to make a post and if you were interested, come hang out with us! (of course you are more than welcome to just join the crew as well LOL).


Either way, I'm sick of seeing all of the straight up spam posters begging for more members... That's not what we are about. If you are relaxed enough to appreciate with this post then I'm you will fit right in. Message me online and we can play online sometime.


See you around!


my psn: Smiggels


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Re: Looking for mature/fun friends

Oct 1, 2013

Smiggels, we're not begging for new members and this isn't meant as spam but we do have a great group of mature gamers over here if you want to grow your pool of online gaming buddies


Forum thread to read about us:


Social Club page:



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