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Nov 26 2011
By: Duarem First Son 12 posts

Grand Theft Auto Law Enforcement (Police Patrol Clan)

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GTALE is a GTA patrol clan that specializes in 100% realism while having fun as a whole. Our system has taken from some of the best ideas and renovated them to become perfection. Our patrols take place every Saturday(with the exception of certain Holidays), and then during the week as well. Please note that we only operate on PSN.

Here is a quick run-by of GTALE

GTALE currently patrols on GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony, which has given us many possibilities for patrols. Upon the release of GTA V, we will switch over to there.

Our rank system is fairly simple for police. It works essentially like this:

Chief of Police

Bureau Director

Assistant Director




Senior Officer


Over time, you will climb up the ranks. The highest obtainable currently is Captain, the Chief will choose who  he wants as the other ranks.

We also have a license system. You will make a drivers license using paint or such with the template provided on the forum. All you do is add a picture and fill in 3 simple fields.

To become a Police Officer, you must go through the training program with at least an 8/10 rating. The training program as a group will take place on Fridays. If a certified officer is willing, you can have a private session any other day. On some occasions, we will grant you permission to train in the field with a senior officer, if they are willing as well.

For civilians, you will receive a basic tutorial in a sense along with creativity camp. Creativity camp will teach you how to set up a proper scenario, how to call it in, and such.

As I mentioned in the introduction, we are dedicated to realism. Here at GTALE, we expect those in a car wreck to stop. Those who are pit-maneuvered to stop. Essentially, anything that'd stop you in real life should stop you in a patrol.

We do have weapon and vehicle restrictions.

Weapon restrictions: Explosive Round weapons(Snipers can be used in scenarios by SWAT snipers only), and sticky bombs.

Vehicle restrictions: Turismo, Comet, Sultan RS, Bullet GT, Corquette, Banshe, and any other super vehicle aside from the Buffalo.

Our Departments:

Local Police Department

State Police


Description of each department:

Local PD- Officers are assigned to a city and general patrol area. They may be requested for backup by a State officer or FBI Agent. Upon the request of backup, they are free to follow the person who requested such backup and will return to their assigned area after the call is finished and radioed in as CODE 4.

State Police- State Troopers patrol all open cities and all parts of the patrol cities. They are ready to respond to any type of situation. They also work as the SWAT Team when needed.

FBI- FBI Agents patrol all open cities as well. They respond to terrorist-like calls such as bombs, hostage situation, etc. They are more of an investigative body than a patrol unit.

Department Vehicles:

Local PD- Police Cruiser, Police Buffalo, Police Motorcycle

State Police- Police Stinger

FBI- Any Unmarked Vehicle that has 4 doors. Usually, the vehicle used is an Admiral, Landstalker, or Presidente.


Uniform for Local Police Department Officers: Shirt 3, Legs 3, Sunglasses are optional.

Uniform for State Patrol: Shirt 5, Pants 4, Sunglasses are optional.

Uniform for FBI: Shirt 4, Pants 4, Sunglasses are recommended.

Currently, the Chief is Duarem, and the FBI Director is ykcir30.

For any further information, you can speak to Duarem, or ykcir30 on PSN. Most information will be provided during your training session.

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First Son
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Re: Grand Theft Auto Law Enforcement (Police Patrol Clan)

Nov 26, 2011

The site is and you can contact the leaders on PSN:

Duarem and ykcir30

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Monster Hunter
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Re: Grand Theft Auto Law Enforcement (Police Patrol Clan)

Dec 3, 2011

Hello viewers of this thread. I am ykcir30, the FBI Director of our Patrol Clan. Feel free to message either me or Duarem, with any questions. It is very appreciated that you atleast message us to get information, or even be able to jump into a game with us. Right now, we are currently looking at gaining more civilians, and there are special things that come with being a civilian. Feel free to drop on the site, register and message and add us.

Sincerly, ykcir30

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Monster Hunter
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Re: Grand Theft Auto Law Enforcement (Police Patrol Clan)

Sep 27, 2013

There may have been some confusion and such viewers. But this clan/group has not operated within a year, and should be known as disbanded. Especially as GTA V is here now,.

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