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Jul 09 2013
By: Rojovo Uncharted Territory 1690 posts

Getting busted/wasted in GTA V

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You know what would be really cool? Since you technically don't actually die, being that you just end up in front of the nearest hospital, instead of getting the mission failed : busted/wasted message, instead, have it where if you get busted, a cutscene plays that shows your character stuck in a jail cell, and a 2nd cutscene shows you being discharged...and instead of dying, a message pop up saying you failed a mission because you took too much damage and a cutscene plays showing your character laid out in a hospital bed recuperating from your injuries, and then a 2nd cutscene shows you being discharged from the hospital then you regain control in front of the hospital. Also, upon release, you'd retain your knife and pistol, but any other weapons would be confiscated, and of course, you'd lose some cash for the hospital visit or posting bail for getting out of the slammer. Of course, the amount you pay depends on the crimes committed or injuries sustained. Man, is this a great idea or what? LOL!

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