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Oct 11 2013
By: HearItWow Treasure Hunter 5310 posts

Gang Wars

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Somewhere around Level 18, you'll get a call from Madrazo telling you that he wants his enemies eradicated. This opens up the Gang Wars missions, which are a little similar to the ones from GTA San Andreas.


Where are they?
They'll show up as red circles on the map, but only when you're near them. There's one at the airplane junkyard near Trevor's house, one at a farm southwest of Palito Bay, one at a house northwest of the liquor store near the entrance to the coastal highway in West Vinewood, and one at an apartment building in East Los Santos. In general, look for spaces that are fenced in or that have huge courtyards.


How do I start?

Walk into the red circle until you see a gang member. Shoot him, and the fun begins.


What do I do?

There are two parts to this. The first is ridiculously easy: Shoot 15 gang members. Unlike the Survival missions, there are places to hide where you won't be ambushed from all sides. You can hide behind the barn at the farm, for example, or stay outside the courtard for the West Vinewood one, using walls for cover. Killing all 15 gang members ends the job and gets you some RP.


The second part is a little trickier. Each location has two or three crates hidden somewhere. These are big wooden boxes painted military green with the word "Supplies" on top. You need to shoot them until they open, then run up to them to get what's inside. Each box will contain three clips of ammo for the gang's preferred gun and $500 in cash. You can also grab ammo and cash from downed enemies, and they're usually carrying more money than people on the street. Expect to make$1,200 to $1,750 per Gang War.


The tricky part here is that the crates disappear as soon as the last gang member is killed, so you have to get them under fire. Wait until there's one enemy left, then start searching for them.

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First Son
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Re: Gang Wars

Oct 11, 2013

Nice, thanks for the info. Kudos to ya.


Question though, during temporary GTA Online matches, there were generally 20 gang members but if there was 1 left and I took some time to find him, he always died out or disappeared or something. This ever happened to you?




And maybe this is just the temporary, I've only recently been able to get online, only rank 5.

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