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GTA-VC 100% Completetion Checklist

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Main Missions
Complete all the main story missions.

Ken Rosenberg - The Party, Back Alley Brawl, Jury Fury, Riot.
Colonel Cortez - Treacherous Swine, Mall Shootout, Guardian Angels, Sir Yes Sir!, All Hands on Deck.
Ricardo Diaz - The Chase, Phnom Penh '86, The Fastest Boat, Supply & Demand.
Kent Paul - Death Row.
Tommy Vercetti - Rub Out, Shakedown, Bar Brawl, Copland, Cap the Collector, Keep Your Friends Close...

Side Missions
Complete all the side missions.

Avery Carrington - Four Iron, Demolition Man, Two Bit Hit.
Love Fist - Love Juice, Psycho Killer, Publicity Tour.
Bikers - Alloy Wheels of Steel, Messing with The Man, Hog Tied.
Assassins - Road Kill, Waste the Wife, Autocide, Check Out at The Check-In, Loose Ends.
Phil Cassidy - Gun Runner, Boomshine Saigon
Cubans - Stunt Boat Challenge, Cannon Fodder, Naval Engagement, Trojan Voodoo.
Haitains - Juju Scramble, Bombs Away!, Dirty Lickin's.

Property Assets
Buy all the businesses and complete their assets.

Boatyard - Checkpoint Charlie.
Cherry Poppers - Distribution.
Pole Position - Spend $600 on a single lap dance.
Kaufman Cabs - V.I.P, Friendly Rivalry, Cabmageddon.
Sunshine Autos - Place 1st in all the street races, Import/Export Garages.
Film Studio - Recruitment Drive, Dildo Dodo, Martha’s Mug Shot, G-Spotlight.
Print Works - Spilling the Beans, Hit the Courier.
The Malibu - No Escape?, The Shootist, The Driver, The Job.

You must also buy the other 7 safe houses.

Vehicle Missions
PCJ Playground - Jump onto the PCJ 600 south of The Malibu, up against a wall.
Cone Crazy - Get into the Stallion on the top floor of the multi-storey car park in Ocean Beach.
Trial By Dirt - Jump onto the Sanchez at the dirt track near Hyman Memorial Stadium.
Test Track - Get into the Landstalker next to the Sanchez mentioned above.

R3 Missions
Firetruck - Complete Level 12.
Taxi - Complete 100 fares.
Paramedic - Complete Level 12.
Vigilante - Complete Level 12.
Pizza Boy - Complete Level 10.

Chopper Missions
Little Haiti - Get into the Sparrow on a roof near the Life's a Bitch billboard.
Downtown - Get into the Sparrow near the entrance to the office block you entered in G-Spotlight.
Ocean Beach - Get into the Sparrow on top of the roof south of Pay n' Spray.
Vice Point - Get into the Sparrow parked in one of the backyards opposite Mercedes' house.

Top Fun
RC Bandit - Vice Point. On the beach near the dirt track.
RC Baron - Top of North Point Mall multi-storey car park.
RC Raider - Entrance to Vice City International Airport Freight and Cargo Terminal.

Hyman Stadium Events
Dirtring - Finish the course.
Hotring - Finish the race in 1st position.
Bloodring - Get 60 seconds.

Store Robbing
Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach, near Police Department.
Corner Shop - Vice Point, near the Hospital.
Jewellery Shop - Vice Point, near the golf course.
Pharmacy - Vice Point, near the Corner Shop.
Cafe Robina - Little Havana, near Sunshine Autos.
Donut Shop - Little Havana, near Cherry Poppers.
Laundromat - Little Havana, near the Print Works.
Screw This - Little Havana, near Sunshine Autos.
Ryton Aide Pharmacy - Little Haiti, near Pay n' Spray.
Jewellery Shop - Downtown, near Rock City.
Pharmacy - Downtown, near the Jewellery Shop.
Gash - North Point Mall
Hardware Shop - North Point Mall
Jewellery Shop - North Point Mall
Music Shop - North Point Mall

Hidden Packages
Collect all 100 Hidden Packages.

Complete all 35 Rampages.

Unique Jumps
Complete all 36 Unique Stunt Jumps.

Shooting Range
Get 45 or higher

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Re: GTA-VC 100% Completetion Checklist

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Uh, something you do when you're fire resistant...

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Re: GTA-VC 100% Completetion Checklist

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