Oct 11 2013
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Fast Connection Needed For GTA Online (Is my net too slow??

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Alright, so I finally got online yesterday on GT Online. I played for a couple hours straight through, all around fun(Won that first race, could have lapped them lol -  well it helped that they kept crashing into each other). I liked how it integrated other noobs with me and whoever took point in the game was the person in the story mission cutscene part.


Anyway, to my question.

Do I have to have a fast internet connection to do GTA Online???



I ask because I was at my work place when I was playing for those couple hours. The speed we use is maxed at about 20mbps.

My home conneciton is at 1mbps. Really big gap.


From the start of GTA Online, I could never get online, always said Rockstar servers are unavailable - after that I give up till another day.

But at work, I was surprised the **bleep** work, no problem whatsoever. Created my character and had a bit of fun.


So, am i going to have to invest in a faster speed internet - it's not that big a deal, or should I just keep trying to get on by going to Story Mode then back to Online mode over and over?


Also, anybody else having the same problem?

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Re: Fast Connection Needed For GTA Online (Is my net too slow??

Oct 13, 2013


Found this, will try it when I get home from work. 

I'm not sure if those title updates have been downloaded, I'm on Playstation Plus, I've noticed a couple patches downloaded automatically so probably, will also check when I get home.


Also, anybody else having this problem?


If this doesn't work and their latest update doesn't work, I'll just patiently wait it out. But if there is something I can do, I'd like to do it.

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Re: Fast Connection Needed For GTA Online (Is my net too slow??

Oct 14, 2013
I have Time Warner Cable. 18mbs Download and only 1mbs Upload.

Mine plays fine. I'm a big Online Multiplayer fan, it's all I play.
Between GTAV, The Last of Us, Uncharted 3, Dirt 3 and various others, it's definitely enough. And often my lil bro is on a second Ps3 playing with me in the same house.

What speeds do others have? I'm curious.
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