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Aug 26 2013
By: Wojcick First Son 1 posts

Episodes from liberty City problem NOTHING WORKED so far

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I just purchased GTA IV Complete from PSN. I downloaded and installed TBGT and TLAD. I inserted my GTA IV disc than tried playing the addons. Nothing popped up. Restarting did not help. Starting a new game did not help. I could install GTA IV from The Store as well, it might help, but I'm afraid it will erase my saved game data from the disc version. What do I do ?

I also have the latest patch for my system and GTA.

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Re: Episodes from liberty City problem NOTHING WORKED so far

Aug 27, 2013

I believe if you purchase the complete edition from PSN, you don't need your original GTA IV disc to play. I could be wrong though. I have the PSN version of inFamous, which doesn't require a disc (if you also have the physical copy). In my opinion, you're better off just buying from your local retailers. If you have the disc version of any of the games (GTA IV, EFLC), you can just fire up whichever game and go...I'm not sure about the Complete Edition though, since I don't have/need that version.

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