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Dec 26 2012
By: NCzVoice Hekseville Citizen 318 posts

Best @ GTA4

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Um T_V_NRH look @ my stats noooo boost n um n the top 1000 cuz of hackers now but i ben the best 4 yrs beat the top names agen & agen any name u name i most likely beat'em add me 2 c my stats or we can play 2getha & c 4 yoself i also make vidz & post on youtube my channel called NCzVoice i got gta4 vidz up there where um doin my thing U CAN CLEEEARLY C HOW GR8 I AM:smileyhappy:


Peace NRH

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Hekseville Citizen
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Re: Best @ GTA4

Dec 30, 2012

You know, If you would type like a normal literate person, maybe someone would actually care about what you had to say.  

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