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Oct 09 2013
By: Doslobos96 Splicer 79 posts

Alpha Legion XX , Warhammer 40k based clan, open enrollment(for now), recruitment

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We are a clan based on the Warhammer 40k Traitor legion "The Alpha Legion"

The XX stands for the legions official number pre-heresy, which was 20.


Lore wise the Alpha Legion follows the lore that states that the Alpha Legion was never corrupted by the warp as they never entered the warp, and only went against the God Emperor because they thought that it was in the imperium's best interest, and that by doing so, they were doing what the emperor would have done. The legion in present 40k lore is still not corrupted, rather, they act almost as space pirates/ marauders, who see themselves as rebels against a corrupt empire that abuses it's people and corrupts the emperor's word.


an Interest in 40k lore is not required; however, an interest at least in the 40k games (such as dawn of war) is encouraged, but not required.


Our clan will play as unpredictable, helping those simply for the hell of it, or conversely, killing them. We have no guidelines when it comes to dealing with outsiders, unless they are of a clan allied with us, or our allies. When it comes to inner clan dealings, a mic is not required as of yet; however it is encouraged, if we do institute a mic requirement, then those without mics who are already in the clan will not be affected, as they will be grandfathered in. As for clan rankings, non-mic players will only be able to advance to the representative level, to go beyond that one must have a mic. When it comes to inner-clan pvp, we may orchestrate special lobbies just for legion members for free for all style battles, on other lobbies "brother on brother" is only allowed if all people involved consent (no surprise attack on fellow clan members). also if you do have a mic, please act in a mature manner, i.e.. dont blast music through it, don't drench your sentences with 10 f bombs for every single word, etc. language does not offend me, but not being able to understand a single intelligent thought is annoying.

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